Vedanta Philosophy

Over time I'd like to say a few things about important points in Vedanta (Hindu) philosophy. This is a neglected area not just among Western philosophers of religion but also among nonbelievers who are naturally curious and interested in what other religions have to say. And hopefully it will be something a little different and maybe even fun.[Disclaimer: I am not an academic expert! I have practiced yoga for several years now and I've read and studied Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Yogavashishta, and … [Read more...]

New Article on Relationship between Degree of Religious Belief and Societal Health

I've only skimmed this article, but I'm linking to it for others who might be interested. (Thanks to Charles Echelbarger for tipping me off to this.)LINK … [Read more...]

The Evidential Argument from Mind-Brain Dependence: A Reply to Bilbo

In my response to Victor Reppert's anti-naturalistic argument from pain, I stated that a more specific fact (consciousness is dependent upon the physical brain) about consciousness is antecedently more likely on naturalism than on theism. Bilbo provided several feedback messages in response to this claim. As I read him, he thinks the argument is no threat to Christian theists. It is apparently his view that mind-brain dependence is at least as probable on Christian theism as on naturalism, since … [Read more...]

New Blog: the Ex-Apologist

LINKThis blog is described as being "Dedicated to fair exposition and critique of Christianity and Christian apologetics." The anonymous author provides the following profile: "I'm currently in the late stages of a PhD program in Philosophy. I was a Christian and an "apologetics nerd" for 15 years, but deconverted at the end of 2005. " Topics of previous posts include the fine-tuning argument, empirical case for the accuracy of the New Testament, Divine Command Theories, Free Will Defense, kalam … [Read more...]

Victor Reppert’s Anti-Naturalistic Argument from Pain

There are a variety of approaches to formulating an argument from evil against theism. Two of the most influential versions of the evidential argument from evil were developed by atheist William Rowe and agnostic Paul Draper. Both involve appeals to pain. In a recent entry on his blog, Victor Reppert tries to turn the tables on proponents of arguments from evil (pain) by arguing that pain is a problem for atheists. Reppert formulates his argument against naturalism as follows.1. If naturalism is … [Read more...]

Witmer-Cook Debate on Presuppositionalism

I recently mentioned Gene Witmer's critique of presuppositionalism in an earlier post. Presuppositional apologist Gene Cook has also taken notice of Witmer's critique. The two discussed the issues on Cook's podcast. … [Read more...]

John Stewart and Richard Dawkins on Ted Haggard

Here is the description of the video as provided at YouTube:"Jon Stewart analyzes the latest gay surprise as the evangelical, gay-bashing preacher, Pastor Ted, gets caught with his three-year gay lover and supplier of crystal meth. What else is new? For an added bit of spice, there is an earlier clip of Haggard lecturing Richard Dawkins on arrogance. Just too beautiful."While Haggard's behavior (buying crystal meth and a "massage" from a gay prostitute) are clearly hugely embarrassing to … [Read more...]

Resurrecting solidarity

I want to point out a very good review, by Robert Fitch, criticizing a couple of recent and influential books by Michael Lerner and Jim Wallis arguing that the secular Left needs to get more religion. (Thanks to David R. Harding for leading me to the review.)Having leftish inclinations myself, I'm naturally interested in such debates. And even secularists who do not politically fall on the left might be interested—after all, the left-wing political tradition has been home to much serious … [Read more...]