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Interesting Article on Debating Presuppositionalists

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Return to Enlightenment Ideals?

In the wake of yesterday's election, conservative Andrew Sullivan reprints a letter from a far-right conservative reader whose views have evolved [link]. Here's the last paragraph:I believe in smaller government. I believe in efficient government. I believe in honest government. I believe in reason informed by faith. I believe in politics, informed by faith, but not ruled by it. I believe in the principles of government as set forth by the Founding Fathers. I believe ours is not a Christian … [Read more...]

Richard Carrier Launches Blog

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Two Articles about Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris

Atheists top book charts by deconstructing GodThe Church of the Non-Believers … [Read more...]

Haggard Scandal Is Latest Setback In Tough Year For Religious Right, Says Americans United

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Hovind Going to Jail For a Long Time

'Dr. Dino' guilty on all counts: Couple could get more than 200 yearsHard to believe a man with a Ph.D didn't know of a basic tax law(Hat tip to Doug Krueger.) … [Read more...]

Cognitive Dissonance

First TBN President Paul Crouch and now New Life Church's Ted Haggard? What is it with evangelical pastors both being gay and denouncing gays and lesbians? Was Sigmund Freud right after all?Update: Haggard steps down. … [Read more...]

Spirituality in Higher Education

I stumbled on the web site for a project engaged in studying Spirituality in Higher Education, based at UCLA. It gives an interesting look at the state of religion on US college campuses, both with regard to students and faculty.Now, I don't know how much to trust their findings. Many of the publications and reports I've looked at on their web site are permeated by a combination of saccharine spirituality-speak and the equally stupid language that academics lodged in schools of "education" … [Read more...]