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Celebrating Earth with Non-Violence

Vegetarianism is ahimsa in action, toward animals and the environment, and such ethical eating is at the heart of celebrating the Earth today and every day.This Earth Day, I found myself reading a New York Times interview with Colin Spencer, a great food historian, artist, novelist, analyst, activist, playwright, and journalist. According to Spencer, vegetarianism is "heretical" eating—it is "not simply a criticism of meat-eating but a criticism of power . . . Not to eat meat, or to frown o … [Read more...]

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Glimmers of Hope

When I read about conversion on the other side of the world, and the lack of balance and awareness amongst those in power, it makes me question whether interfaith interaction can really work.This past week was spring break for my kids and this year we ended it at home, after visits that included northern California, Chicago, and western Michigan. The visits reminded me of how diverse our nation is in geography and outlook, just like the range of perspectives that I seesaw between, as a … [Read more...]

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