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Advocacy Leads to New Opportunities

For me, pluralism is a verb, like tolerate and understand.May is an eventful month for me in metro-Detroit's interfaith landscape. In fact, the National Day of Prayer, traditionally held on the first Thursday in May, was what put me in a prominent place as an interfaith advocate. In my last column, I wrote about the Troy Community Coalition's annual Faith Community Prayer Breakfast, which led to incidents that helped me co-found the Troy-area Interfaith Group. When this organization held … [Read more...]

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The Whole World Is One Family

Real interfaith conversations can make us better at the faith we practice.In the Parliament of World Religions May 2012 newsletter, Phillipe Copeland writes, "According to the Abrahamic traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i Faith, the universe itself was spoken into being. This offers a fitting metaphor for the promise of interreligious dialogue, the promise of a new creation . . . to fulfill this promise requires attention to detail. We must be attentive not … [Read more...]

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