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Creating Goodness Out of Loss

We have a vision of a beloved community, and must strive toward it. We each have a contribution to make in achieving this vision.Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois convened a Senate hearing on hate crimes and the potential threat of domestic extremism this week as a response to the most recent attacks on those from the Dharmic community who are most easily identified as "the other." The Hindu American Foundation was one of over 150 religious and civil rights organizations that called for … [Read more...]

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The Boon of Political Diversity among Indian-Americans

While my political choices are reflective of my theological beliefs, I can safely say I can find common ground with Hindu Americans on both sides of the party line.My friend Rev. Bob Cornwall, pastor of the Disciples of Christ Central Woodward Christian Church and Convener of the Troy-area Interfaith Group, recently posted anessay on his blog entitled "Rules, Regulations, and the Christian Life—A Lectionary Reflection." In it, he brings up something with which I agree: ". . . some of the po … [Read more...]

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