Padma Kuppa is a Hindu American and community activist working for social justice and understanding. Born in India, she began kindergarten in 1970 on Long Island, and finished high school and college in India, when her family relocated there in 1981. Returning to the US in 1988 as a foreign student, she, her husband and their two children have made Troy, Michigan their home since 1998.

A community leader in Southeastern Michigan, she is a co-founder of both the Troy-area Interfaith Group and Bharatiya Temple’s Outreach Committee,  and currently is a Planning Commissioner for the City of Troy. She has been involved in various national level Hindu efforts, including the Hindu American Seva Community’s 2010 Call to Serve Briefing Report, the Hindu Mandir (Temple) Executives’ Conference, and the Hindu American Chaplaincy Initiative.  As a member of the Hindu American Foundation’s Board of Directors, she advocates on issues pertinent to Hindus in America, particularly as it relates to inter-religious cooperation, understanding and pluralism. As a Board member of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, and as an Advisory Board member WISDOM, Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in Detroit, she seeks to show how building relationships and seeking social justice is critical to promoting social harmony and peace. Her faith has been strengthened and deepened through her personal experiences and struggles, while her interest and search for more knowledge and understanding of Hindu philosophy is a family tradition.

Padma got started blogging at A Balancing Act, and has been a contributor to other publications such as Metro Parent and India Abroad. The views represented in this column are not a reflection of the views of any organization of which she is a part.



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