Soul Blind


Modify the river’s course
Make the waters work for you
Cast your lots with loaded dice
Make sure all that’s old is new

Keep on preaching to the choir
It’s getting smaller every day
I’m sure they’ll validate your sins
You never loved me anyway

Go on claim that you own God
And let the wretched refuse yearn
Those shithole rats will do you harm
Sit on the wall and watch them burn

When the least of those your brother
Lies beneath your boot in line
You’ll just carry on as always
Unaware you’ve gone soul blind

Store up treasures while you can
Shove the camel through the eye
Fly that private jet to heaven
Take them with you when you die

Count up your silver pieces
But they won’t even pay your fine
When the judge hands down your sentence
Convicted, cold, soul blind

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