Does the L-Word Belong in Business?

So I was standing in line at Starbucks, doing my usual coffee routine, and I saw one of the baristas, Carla, in the background taking orders for the drive-through. She’s talking on one of those hands-free headphone things, so I can only hear her side of the conversation:

“Is that you Barbara? How’s it going?”




“OK… Is that decaf? The usual?”


“Yeah, I know. That must have been great.”


“All right hon, that’s $4.50.″

The car drives up to the window, and I watch her conducting the transaction. As I walk over to the counter for milk, I hear Carla’s parting comment to the customer:

“Ok, see you soon. I love ya!”


You could practically hear the dubbed-in record scratch as I did an audible double-take. Did she really just tell that customer that she loves them?

This blatant profession of love in the midst of public enterprise made me cringe – and melt, all at once. Part of me, the Jesus-Spirit-Christian part, wanted to wave palm branches in her general direction for establishing a new pinnacle of customer service (Take that, Zappos!). But the buttoned-up business manager in me was tapping his foot, questioning the appropriateness of that exchange.

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    I want her to make my latte!

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    .Interesting…and kind of cute.

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    Cliff hanger, heading over their.