The Five Biggest Career Mistakes Christians Make – Part I

AlexanderBoden_liftbutton_squareI can’t tell you how disappointing it was when, at age 22, I finally made the decision to pursue a “secular” career instead of going into the ministry. Rather than embracing a bold confidence in my choice, I had this sinking feeling that I was somehow letting God down.

The pathetic part is, I prayed, fasted, and tried every which way to make myself want to work in ministry – but it just didn’t click. There was this nagging intuition telling me it wasn’t meant to be, despite the gravitational pull coming from a loyal and supportive circle of super-spiritual friends who shared my undying passion for setting the world on fire for Christ.

Unfortunately, I had very little exposure to what this so-called world might actually have to offer, aside from being set on fire. It was difficult to fathom the God I thought I knew ever slumming down his holy presence into the midst of those distasteful secular settings. As far as I knew, the world outside of ministry offered only, well, “worldly” career choices – choices that certainly would not meet God’s standards of approval.

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  • nancy

    This is interesting. It sounds like you thought quite a bit about your choices.