Thursday Throwback: Is Nothing Profane?

This post originally ran about three years ago.  This year, our house will be launching the following into an unsuspecting world:  Harry Potter, Aphrodite, a cat, the grim reaper, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,  a Pink Mummy Ghost (this is a costume which started off weird and gets more confusing each year), Ming Ming, and a confused and angry baby. You can see by the preponderance of trademarked characters that, in the three years since I wrote this piece, my give-a-damn has … [Read more...]

I’ve always wondered

. . .what English sounds like to non-English speakers.  Now, I'm not sure I know (I found the repeated use of the word "ciusol" somewhat less than convincing), but I certainly have seen something I've never seen before.  And it's only Wednesday. (thanks to my little brother Izzy for the link, even though he should be doing his Existentialism homework or something) … [Read more...]

You can’t be any poorer than dead – UPDATED

Trick-or-treaters might be coming around with UNICEF donation boxes.  Don't give 'em a dime -- UNICEF pushes for abortion and sterilization as part of its efforts to improve the lives of women and children.  Beyond the immediate irony of that idea, it's not even good policy.  According to (emphasis mine): Pro-family UN watchers are concerned that [UNICEF'S] disproportionate focus on unsafe abortion, based upon questionable maternal mortality figures, detracts from … [Read more...]


"How about supper in the tub tonight, Hon?"   Happy anniversary to us.  Yes, it's our 13th anniversary today.  We celebrated on Saturday, but I can't really go into a lot of details because (a) it was so lovely and romantic, any descriptions would totally destroy that "second-rate slob who can't do anything right" cred, and (b) this is a family blog.  Well, no it's not, but never mind.  *sigh*  It was a very nice anniversary.  How often can you look back at a choice you made in your … [Read more...]

The Search Continues

1,2 button my shoe pain don't hurt don't sit on god big fat ladies moron inside judy drench god's feet with eyes horshack horshack Horshack horshack lori petty Homer Price have you ever seen such cruelty "comments closed" keanu reeves fat let god decide how many children we have the movie dont start till i sit down awesome van should i be concerned about my son wearing horshack turtle joke ah ha horshack please dont hurt my arse movies lori petty pin drop jerk horshack … [Read more...]

Consistency – UPDATED

There is an interesting conversation going on at Inside Catholic now, stemming from the "Down Syndrome Couples" post.  I just left a comment which I thought was (like everything else I've ever said) pretty important, and something which I did not always realize or internalize.  This is what makes our beloved Church so very different from every other Church, and so durable. I don't mean to pile onto Jason Negri -- I really don't.  It's just that the Church's teaching on human sexuality is … [Read more...]


Folks, there appears to be a Wordpress glitch, and anyone who received the "sterilization" post via email this morning got an earlier, unfinished version of the post.  Please go directly through the blog to see the final version, which represents my point more clearly.  Sorry for any confusion. … [Read more...]

Why not sterilize the inconvenient?

I don't know Jason Negri personally, and until his post on Friday I've had no reason to think that he isn't a faithful Catholic.  Maybe he was just playing devil's advocate or being provocative; but for someone who, according to his Inside Catholic profile, is "Assistant Director for the International Task Force on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide," he shows a scandalous indifference to the dignity of human life.  Here's what he said when commenting on a story about the marriage of a … [Read more...]

Drip, drip, drip!

In case you haven't noticed, I am going on a short blogging diet (not a complete fast, though) for a week or so.  Please don't leave me!  Please be here when I get back!  I just have to finish up a big project, and my poor brain is overloaded.   Every time I drop in something like "remember to pick up milk," something else, such as "remember to pick up daughter," leaks out. So I figured I could free up a little mental space by stiffing you good folks for a while.  It's not like you … [Read more...]


Sorry for the silence.  I'm just very, very busy!  Hope to have something for you tomorrow. Boy, not even a picture, huh.   … [Read more...]