Psst – over here . . .

Don’t forget, I’m at Patheos now!  Just got a post up about poor Miss Utah.  We’re working on importing my archives from this blog to my new digs at Patheos, and I hope to be able to redirect at least some of my subscribers here to Patheos, too.

But please do subscribe to my new address.  Go here and scroll down a bit, and you will see the options to follow “I Have to Sit Down” on Twitter, Facebook, or via Feedburner, or via email.  I won’t be posting here much longer!  I will be posting twice a week (instead of three times) at The Register starting in July, and I will posts links on my Patheos blog to all my Register posts.  Boy, I tried and tried to phrase that more clearly, but I don’t think it can be done.  The moral of this story is:  go to Patheos!

MANY THANKS to everyone who came to see me yesterday and left a nice comment!  I felt very welcome and encouraged.

  • bujetx

    I’ve been trying to find a link on Parheos to subscribe via email but only see the buttons for the more tech stuff. Don’t want to miss any posts so please help this untechy reader!

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    • Simcha Fisher

      I think the iPhone version of it doesn’t show the whole screen (true for most websites, not just Patheos). If you look at the page on a full computer screen, you should scroll down a bit and see, on the right hand column, a place that says “Follow I Have to Sit Down!” It has Facebook, Twitter, and Feedburner button, and under that, you have the option to subscribe via email.

      Hope that helps! The technical part is definitely not my strong suit.

  • http://none geraldine clark

    Thank you for making me laugh, think and remember: it is ok to be real & Catholic! I now read and re-read you. On bleak days your articles act like fuel in the hope tank. Thank you so much!

  • allison

    It’s not working.

    • Simcha Fisher

      Allison, what’s not working? The link, or are you trying to subscribe?