My profile of Dr. Carpentier in OSV

I wrote this article about Dr. Paul Carpentier quite a while ago – glad they are running it for NFP awareness week!  A great doctor and a good man.

Doctor keeps medical practice in line with Catholic teaching


Dr. Paul Carpentier, founder of In His Image Family Medicine in Gardner, Mass., said he doesn’t have an especially unusual mission.

“It’s just one of stewardship,” he said. “I intend to do the best I can with the skills God has given me, for the community that presents itself for care.” But something sets him apart.

On his website is this notice: “Please be advised that this practice does not provide abortions, sterilizations, contraceptives, artificial reproductive technologies or assisted suicide, nor do we refer for these services.”

“I’m not inflicting some kind of hardship on patients,” Carpentier told Our Sunday Visitor. These services are available everywhere, and Massachusetts health care covers most of them. When Carpentier tells his patients that he can’t perform certain practices because they are against his conscience, he said most people don’t object.

“In 23 years, I’ve only had two patients storm out,” he said. They were mothers who had taken the day off work to bring their daughters in for contraceptives. “I actually talked to the daughters,” he said. “I told the moms, ‘Talk to your daughters. They don’t want to be on the pill.’”

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  • $1028912

    “On his website is this notice: ‘Please be advised that this practice does not provide abortions, sterilizations, contraceptives, artificial reproductive technologies or assisted suicide, nor do we refer for these services.'” –> It would be great if all medical providers were as clear as this. It would save a lot of time and trouble.

    I’ve had similar experiences to the mothers who stormed out of his office, in which I made the mistake of seeking contraception from a pro-life doctor (who gave it to me, but also gave me a long lecture on its physical and moral risks). It would be so much better if all doctors clearly disclosed their beliefs, so patients could seek treatment accordingly.

    • simchafisher

      Wow, really? I wish I lived in that area. Around here, doctors who know the first thing about the physical risks of contraception are few and far between. I had to travel 40 min to see Dr. Carpentier. The only other doctor who knew how to read my chart was over 2 hours away. Dr. C gave me a long visit with a comprehensive survey of my health and nutrition, and helped me figure out how to make my cycles more regular, and, to some degree, to manage my PMS.

      What’s much more common in my area is for OB/GYNs to advertise themselves as woman friendly, but then when you want someone to find out WHY you’re having repeated miscarriages, or WHY your cycles are painful or irregular, they don’t know and/or don’t care. They fix all cycle problems with the Pill, and all fertility problems with IVF. It would be great if they had a disclaimer on their websites warning patients that their understanding of fertility is so limited.

      • $1028912

        My experience was in Kyoto in the mid-80’s. Since I didn’t speak much Japanese then, and wanted to see an English-speaking doctor, I couldn’t be picky. But now I’m very careful about doing my own screening, to make sure my health-care providers and I are on the same page.

    • The Jerk

      I call shenanigans on this story. I don’t believe it for a second.

      • $1028912

        See comment below. It wasn’t in the U.S., and it was a long time ago.

        • $1028912

          And wait, come to think of it, why isn’t my story believable? It’s true that pro-life doctors are less common, but even Dr. Carpentier cited two instances of women mistakenly seeking contraception from him, likely not knowing his views (or I doubt they would have wasted his time & their own).

          • The Jerk

            My mistake. I used to think you would show up with a new conveniently contradictory story, but now it seems you just recycle the same ones from 30 years ago over and over and over again. We get it. You saw something nasty in the woodshed once and now you feel justified cutting the heads off babies. Bully for you.

          • $1028912

            Wait, what? Recycle old stories? Yes, if they’re relevant to a point I’m making, I certainly do.
            And the doctor’s “nasty” attitude has nothing to do with the fact that I “feel justified cutting the heads off babies” — my views on abortion formed well before I encountered this particular doctor.

  • Erika H

    So great to hear about a doctor supportive of NFP and church teachings! I have a similar doc myself and she is a blessing. Wish there were more like this!

  • Joan

    It’s so hard to find a doctor who doesn’t just want to put me on the pill to solve all my problems. (And, in reality, solve none of them.) God bless Dr Carpentier and may many more doctors have the courage to do the same!

  • Monica H

    God bless Dr. Carpentier and his work! I’m very blessed to have a doctor like him here in the Denver metro area, and it is so comforting to know that he’d never advise doing something that would be against my conscience. Unfortunately, I had some negative experiences with an OB/GYN in the Chicago area who wanted to steer me towards IVF after a procedure, so when we moved back to CO, I wanted to make sure that something like that never happened again!