Oh, and a rejected book cover

I forgot about this one.

John reminds me that he also offered to  “draw an angry cartoon guy shouting ‘DIS WOOKS WIKE COWNTWACEPTIVE MENTAWITY!!’ to add in the margins alongside controversial passages.”  Maybe for the hardcover edition, eh?

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  • I like it. Why did they reject it?

  • I like the “I (heart) baby” cover, personally.

  • Emily

    I like this one, too, but the other cover I am guessing actually probably illustrates the content of the book better- focusing on the couple and NFP. I like the focus on Adam and Eve and the snake!
    I have to admit, I don’t really get the whole confessional and priest part -unless it’s like the reconciling of original sin (I don’t get to fein alcohol as impairing my thinking- just pregnancy).
    But I like the lighthearted humor in it.

    • Or why the priest is puzzled by the couple to the extent that he’d be interrobanging in the confessional. In my experience, they’ve pretty much heard it all. Both are engaging covers and will sell the book…. Having not read it, my hunch would be that the final cover probably matches the tone of the book quite well.

  • richard

    The other one.

  • MeanLizzie

    That’s awful. The other one.

  • simchafisher

    Sorry, I feel bad that I made anyone think this was seriously in the running! John just put it together as a joke. Although that baby is fairly compelling, with his all-demanding eyes . . .

  • 12anon

    I love the idea of the angry cartoon guy. 🙂

  • jenny

    I liked the red cover with the priest. It shows the real life ….with struggles and joys…
    men and women trying to share responsibility.
    I plan to buy some for a couple of priests and future dads…..and moms….
    And about the boobs: for a child, the boobs are the source of food , but for some men, not all men, they have a different meaning.
    I think that the book will be a good educational tool for many of us.