7 Quick Awards

Hey, it’s been a while since anyone passed out any useless internet awards.  Here yuh go, in no particular order, for no particular reason:

1. The Weeping Putin Award goes to Mark Shea for his egregious crimes against totalitarianism.

Who does he think he is, etc. etc.  Hermeneuticalosityness.  Constantine.  Etc.

2.  The Bruce Wayne Award goes to Joey Prever/Steve Gershom, because he’s recently come out as Batman.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

3.  The Peeping Pope Award goes to Elizabeth Scalia

I mean look at that!

4.  The Mixed Feelings Award goes to the people who took away the dancing hillbilly’s raccoon

because dammit, you can’t keep a pet raccoon!  But aw, he named her Rebekah.

5. The Best Damn Soup I’ve Had All Year Award goes to hot and sour soup

for being the opposite of a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich I found on a chair and finished eating, because hey.

6. The Hey, Remember Me? Award goes to Dick Gephardt’s wife, Jane Gephardt

because no, we don’t.

7.  The Best Blog Post Ever Award goes to me.

See #1-6 above!  Eh?  Eh???

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  • richard

    #2: Who is that riding on the motorcycle with Joseph?

    • Damien Fisher

      Dat’s me! About six months pregnant with Benny.

  • Jordan

    Can’t quite express how much I love that picture of glistening-tear-Putin. All that’s missing is that Sarah McLauchlan song playing in the background.

    • “I will remember youuuu . . .”

      • Jordan

        I was thinking of the “In the aaaaaaarms ooooooof the aaaaangels…” from all the abused animal commercials, but that works too!

  • Tori

    You on the motorcycle…EPIC!

  • The motorcycle picture is just…beyond awesome. So many kinds of awesome.

  • Clearly, that eel just told a joke.

  • moseynon


    Often it is forgotten, but President Coolidge had a pet raccoon named Rebecca. No one took -her- away, so I am not sure why the hillbilly was singled out for a raid. Then again, maybe it if fortunate that the White House isn’t located in Tennessee.

    See link for photo of the First Lady cradling Rebecca.

  • Emmers

    NOOOOO!!! They took away the raccoon??? That’s terrible!! Raccoons have often been kept as pets, historically speaking, and from the sound of it they make great companions. And what’s more, have YOU ever heard of a better use for the things? Didn’t think so. 😛

  • #3: That photo is awesome!
    #5: Hot and sour soup = best soup ever when I’m sick
    #7: Undoubtedly a landslide win.