Primitive screwheads prepare for Halloween

Primitive screwheads prepare for Halloween October 19, 2013

Nothing like settling in after a long, busy Saturday, finding a cozy chair, cracking open a beer, and starting to make my son a paper mache Army of Darkness chainsaw hand for Halloween.


(Fortunately, we already own a boomstick.)  NOT THAT YOU ASKED, but here is how the chainsaw is going:

For the blade, I cut a foam meat tray.  For the motor housing part, or whatever it’s called, I rinsed out a milk jug and trimmed off the mouth.  Then I cut a slit in the bottom of the milk jug, inserted the foam blade through, and taped it place on the inside and outside of the milk jug with duct tape.  

Then I cut a small X on each side of the milk jug, stuck a wooden dowel through, trimmed it to fit, and glued both sides, inside and out, with hot glue.  (This is so my son has something to hold onto.)  I also hot glued the inside and outside of where the blade goes into the milk jug.

Here is my happy boy, soon to be Ash, trying it on:

Then I slapped on papier mache and set it to dry:

NOT THAT YOU ASKED, but I will post more pictures when I put on the teeth and get it painted.  I’m not going to do tons of detail — just keep the milk jug’s handle as the handle, and add a round vent thing after it’s painted.  I’m going more for a cartoonish version than a faithful replica.  Because it’s paper mache!


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  • terentiaj63

    My eleven yr old granddaughter is deeply in love with Bruce Campbell. Ash is her facebook profile picture. I will have to make this for her.

  • Liz Walz

    love this- so creative and good-mom-ish!

  • You are so much more crafty than you ever let on. That is seriously impressive! Happy boy, pleased momma, I’m sure.

    • simchafisher

      I don’t mention craft stuff too often because so many moms feel bad about not being more crafty, even though it’s so clearly an a-moral hobby, and doesn’t say anything about how good of a mom you are.

  • Deimos

    Usually I end up wearing home made and scary to answer the door at Halloween but this year a truly terrifying item is available online.
    The 5.11 military Kilt… I never realised I needed one until I saw it, the ultimate male “never leave the house in it”, piece of clothing.

  • Jordan

    Oh I’m asking for more pictures, definitely. Awesome idea. Or should I say: groovy.

  • MightyMighty11

    Any Dr. Who costumes this year? 🙂

    • simchafisher

      Yes, one weeping angel.

      • MightyMighty11

        Those scare the living daylights out of me. I don’t care about the Daleks, as they’re just strong, aggressive, straight-forward. There’s something about the way you can’t close your eyes or turn your back on the angels that just creeps me out. (Cue: Simcha writes really insightful post about how this is a metaphor for X.)

  • richard

    Happy warrior.