About the cover art for SGNFP

About the cover art for SGNFP October 18, 2013

My beloved cover

was done by the immensely talented John Herreid, who is a graphic artist for Ignatius Press.  (He also happens to be my sister’s husband’s brother, and he made the cover for me as a gift!)

Check out John’s latest blog post for Ignatius Press Novels, where he describes a few of the ingenious processes he used

while lovingly creating some of his favorite book covers.  So cool.

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  • jherreid

    Thanks for the link!

  • bob cratchit

    Loved it! Incidentally, I wonder if Ignatius press has good novels for young children fourth to six grade. We use Seton homeschool and those “saintly” novels they furnished are really truly boring.

  • jenny

    The cover is $$$$$$$$$$$$$ worth !

  • anna lisa

    Oh, small world–one of my dear friends, Riz, is a graphic artist for Ignatius Press.
    Love that cover.
    slightly disturbing, but hey you wouldn’t have written a book about NFP if it was a slam dunk, that wasn’t slightly disturbing.

  • Guest

    I actually assumed it was being published by Ignatius – good luck on the book!