SGNFP has the best prizes.

SGNFP has the best prizes. October 21, 2013

As I announced last week, I’m holding a contest as a little thank-you to folks who have bought my e-book, The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning, which is still holding steady as the #1 bestseller on Amazon in Catholicism for Kindle books and books in general, and which has over fifty five-star reviews, from men, women, single people, people who have passed childbearing age, NFP instructors, a monsignor, two of my sisters, and the pope*, so you know it has to be good.



Here’s how you enter:

 1. Buy and read  the book. Come on, it’s only $4.99, and it’s short.
2.  Leave an honest review on Amazon, and email a screenshot of your review to simchafisher [at] gmail [dot] com.  Please put “MY AMAZON REVIEW” in the subject line.  (Note:  you can leave an Amazon review even if you bought the book through Barnes and Noble or Smashwords)
3.  That’s it.  You’re entered.   People who’ve already written reviews, are of course, welcome to enter. 

Easy peasy, right?  And now for the prizes.  THE!  PRIZES!!!!


These babies:

Yep, be the first on your block to own a matched set of SGNFP pint glasses.  I was going to include a couple of nips to christen the glasses with, but it turns out it’s illegal to ship alcohol unless you are a distributor or something.  So I will just have to pack up the glasses very carefully and hope to heck that nothing alcoholic happens to fall into the box.

I will, however, intentionally include one of these splendid little wooden boxes filled an assortment of ten exquisite handmade bonbons from Burdick Chocolate of Walpole, NH:

Folks, if you can’t make a nice evening out of that, even my book won’t be able to help you, and it’s a damn good book.



Your choice of five luxurious handmade soaps from Roots Soap Co.

I have been using these soaps since I met their maker, Anna Cools, last month, and they are lovely — very light and smooth, fragrant but not overpowering, and luminously beautiful to boot.  Anna says:

My base recipe consists simply of rainwater, lye, coconut oil, tallow, and olive oil. Once the oils and lye have saponified, I add a combination of pure essential oils, natural clays and organic botanicals, fine oils for extra moisturizing, and organic local herbs, flowers, spices and roots that are healing or beneficial to the skin. All of my ingredients are chosen with beauty, quality and benefit in mind for each body that will enjoy them. Each batch of soap that I weigh, stir, pour, cut and form with my hands is created with pride, love, many years experience and a rich history. I hope that each person who uses my products are touched by what is behind them.

My book doesn’t specifically cover the use of soap, and yet I can’t help but feel that the combination of “clean, yet exhilarating” is somehow apropos.



Third prize is a set of steak knives.

ABC.  Always Be Charting!  You chart or you hit the bricks.

Either way, enter in the contest!  I will close the contest at noon (Eastern time) on Friday, October 25th, and will try to announce the winners by 5 PM.

Good luck!

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  • MightyMighty11

    Haha, I love the picture of the booze line-up! Naughty Booze!
    ~Might I request a future column with a more detailed look at the sorts of compromises you allude to in the book, regarding doing things that aren’t really your thing but need to be done by you because it makes you more complementary to your spouse? I’m not sure if I captured that, but when I read it (let me know if you want me to find the specific section), I immediately thought about how I end up overseeing a bunch of gender-typical jobs because my husband won’t get to them before the next ice age and then we’ll all be unhappy. I don’t know too many people who handle this well, and the ones who do are a bit too June Cleaverish to emulate.

    Great job on the book, it really was awesome. 🙂

  • Oh, man. I hope I win #1! Do I get bonus entries if I showed your book to a bunch of NFP and TOB teachers this weekend? Cause I did and they all about died laughing over the forward and intro.

    It’s good stuff, Simcha. And I know this because it had my mom and dad (parents of 11 and NFP practicers for nearly 40 years) in tears with laughter. My dad was about to get up and give a talk on abstinence and said, “Can I borrow this to quote?” In the end he decided to wait and read the whole book before quoting you, but he gave your book a shout out to all the retreatants.

    • I’ve been thinking all day that this sounded like sucking up. I promise that wasn’t my intention. I just think that you probably put your whole heart and soul into this book and you should know that real people – people in the trenches of NFP – are finding a lot of humor and hope in it. Thank you for that.

      • simchafisher

        Oh, my gosh, no! I was so delighted to hear that you’re showing it to teachers. Please thank your dad for me! I expect to have a print edition out in the first half of 2014.

  • SarahRDoll

    I love that you are giving away Anna’s soaps! They are the best, truly. We use nothing else! Anna is also the dearest friend with a heart of gold. You can’t help but love her. 🙂

  • I can’t believe no Catholic publisher would publish this. What’s the point of even having them around??

    This is a really good book. We never had issues with NFP, but that’s pretty much because 1)I’m a biologist and no boyfriend that couldn’t become rapidly inured to gross topics would have lasted. 2) I was in love with NFP even before I was a practicing Catholic (see 1) and had been proto-charting for years before we even met (I had to teach myself from the Billings papers). So he was comfortable it was a real, working, sciencey thing. 3) we both loved kids and wanted lots of ’em, so the prospect of method failure wasn’t all that threatening when we were young and hormonal.

    But pretty much all those Introduction to NFP marriage prep classes are bad. If they don’t completely gloss over the challenges involved in temporary abstinence, they give you a nudge-nudge wink-wink to immoral behavior in the bedroom. One set of friends was told by the husband of the teaching couple that, during times of abstinence, his wife gave him “special kisses”.

    So, I think this is pretty much the most important book on NFP since the publication of the actual NFP method.