Self-explanatory Halloween party treats that you can totally do

Now that I posted about Lou Reed, I feel a little more comfortable slipping into mommy blog territory for a minute.  I just signed up to bring treats for my kid’s Halloween party.  I actually love doing things like this, but I know I’m going to be busy this week.  If you’re making Halloween treats, here are a few possibilities for projects that you can figure out how to do without reading the directions:

A few years ago, I made these:


and achieved the holy grail of internet-inspired treats:  THEY TURNED OUT EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE.  Very easy, if somewhat time consuming, and the kids loved them.  Apple slices, peanut butter, mini marshmallows.  Here’s a variation with almond slivers (and no, the kids did not care that the apples had browned a bit):


You could also use halves of cookies for the lips and pink icing for the gums, if you have to go nut-free (but check the cookie ingredients to make sure they’re safe).

I think we will go with these this year:


Pretzel rods dipped in candy coating.  I think you could also use white chocolate with a spoonful of oil, and it might be cheaper.  They say to use a special edible marker to make the faces, but you could use any number of other things while the coating is still wet – chocolate sprinkles, maybe raisins, chocolate chips.

You could also use melted chocolate with a spoonful of oil, and just fling on some black and orange sprinkles or whatever.  Lots of possibilities here:


Kids are always really impressed by these, for some reason, especially if you present lots of varieties to choose from.

Here’s something a little more complicated (unless you buy pre-made cookies) but still simple and effective:  gingerbread skeletons.


Most effective if your cookies turn out dark, which not all recipes do.

And I know my kid’s teacher has a pretty good sense of humor, but she may or may not be thrilled if I bring this in.



How about you?  Did you make any rash promises?  Any disasters to report?

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  • victor

    No offense, but I don’t think I’ll be trying any of these after your Doctor Who party snack recommendations earlier this year. Our youngest stared directly into your “Master-ful Pineapple Turnover Time Vortex” and promptly went mad.

    • simchafisher

      Sorry about that. Something tells me genetics gave him a head start, though.

      • victor

        True dat! Knock, knock, knock, knock.

  • Lisa Cook

    I would LOVE to do one of these! Alas, we cannot bring in any treats unless they are pre-packaged. I guess I could do one of these, but only if I convinced my local bakery/deli to make them for me and package them with a label attached from the store. Bah! I will just settle for making the apple snacks for after-school treat. Olivia will love them.

  • Jennifer Anzalone

    Love the guacamole!

  • richard

    Quite imaginative.

  • Erika H

    I went easy on myself and signed up for cheese cubes. I don’t like Halloween though, so that’s a big part of my lack of motivation.