Mother to one, mother to all

In-between shifts, social worker breastfeeds babies in Zamboanga evac center

MANILA – For literally giving all she can, Evalinda Jimeno, a social worker of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), has earned the admiration of evacuees sheltered at the Joaquin F. Enriquez Sports Complex in Zamboanga City.

According to the DSWD, Jimeno was hailed by the refugees evacuated from the chaos and violence wrought by an ongoing standoff between the military and a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front, when she breastfed a hungry baby of one of the evacuees.

Over the past week, she has breastfed far more than one child, and far more than her own. Jimeno, a social worker of Zamboanga Sibugay has been breastfeeding in-between her official hours tasked with registering evacuees for the family access card.

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Once you become a mother,  you become everybody’s mother.  Where have I seen that happen before?  Ah yes —

 For more images of Mary nursing baby (or toddler!) Jesus, see here.


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  • Anna

    I loved the Christmas stamp from a couple years ago. Mary wasn’t nursing Jesus, but he had one arm weaseling its way down the top of her dress, a very familiar thing when nursing older babies!

    • anna lisa

      I didn’t see the stamp, but my parents have a book which features several Italian paintings of Mary nursing. Seeing those pictures helped me to overcome most of my embarrassment of nursing in public.
      –and yes–the insistent searching little hands! –Or the little grump not wanting material over his head, and ripping the material aside–the slurping noises at an evening of recollection–or the toddler whipping your shirt up when your reflexes aren’t quick enough to batten down the hatches!

      SIGH. A mother’s job is never done. I feel like I’ve been embarrassed for decades–uh,, because I have been! But it’s been sweet embarrassment, and a privilege.
      What that woman in the refuge center is doing is sublime.

      • Anna
        • anna lisa

          Oh. my. goodness–Google St. Peter’s list!
          Scroll all the way to St. Bernard. Prepare yourself.

          • Anna

            Yep, the Theology of the Body Institute in PA has had that one up in the chapel/classroom for several years. 🙂 A lot of the images in the link are lovely; I especially liked the one in St. Augustine Florida, and the “Circle of Gil de Siloe” one. And the ones where toddler Jesus is standing to nurse since that’s quite familiar too – they want milk, but are a bit too busy to settle down for it (I’ve heard someone refer to “gymnurstics” for that stage). The Amesbury Psalter was the one that made me raise an eyebrow since Jesus looks to be about 15. I know a lot of babies in older art don’t look at all babylike, but that’s the worst offender I’ve seen.

          • anna lisa

            When I was pregnant with my first, we took the perfunctory Lamaze class, where at one point they showed us a film of (horror of horrors) a woman breastfeeding a child, clearly older than two. I remember curling my lip in stunned disgust. Of course, shortly thereafter the Lamaze got tossed with the first extremely painful contraction. I was aghast and felt like the victim of some conspiracy of silence on the part of womankind. I think I would have keeled over if I’d seen a glimpse into the future of my own toddler (nicknamed Thirsty Nurstie) doing gymnurstics!! 😀 He remembers our conversation where I finally talked him out of it. I had just watched the movie “Emperor of the Sun”, and so knew that it just wasn’t going to be a phase he’d grow out of. (My Mom’s maid also fessed up to being breastfed until I think nine, because she was her mother’s last.) I have a hard time saying “no” but that stunned me into a little decisive action. None of the other seven nursed past three. While it worked like a charm to get them through the terrible twos (My oldest had his first temper tantrum in high school) I really got pretty tired of being felt up in public by an entitled little upstart.
            But those paintings/statues of Mary are really something. Even I squirm at the sight of Mary doing all that milk squirting. I have a hard time believing that that actually happened but then–I’m a product of this culture, which doesn’t put me on solid ground. I’m fascinated and sad at how broken we “moderns” are in regard to the female breast/body. It is clearly the result of heresy.

  • Kelly Seppy

    just beautiful.