At the Register: Ten Splendid Sequels You Can Expect to See

This is relevant for a Catholic publication because I fleetingly mock Life Teen.

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  • Anna

    Relevant for a Catholic publication because, as advocates for the true, the good, and the beautiful, we should mock those idiotic sequel people until we impress upon them that they will have no friends if they go ahead with this – and we all know what they think about having no friends.

  • Josh

    Life teen. I was brought up in the heart of American Evangelicalism and it wasn’t until I was out of it that I noticed how everything was bought. Religion mediated by goods and services. The books, the bible studies, the “Christian” sports leagues, the fancy lights to add pop to the worship service, the t-shirts (oh, God forgive the t-shirts). It seems American Catholicism is going the same way. Bible studies, RE curricula, life teen pre-packaged youth group, pre-structured retreats, and RCIA programs for the parish. Commodification slowly taking over. The products may be great (or more likely effective), but something is lost. One of the most disheartening spirits of our age is the idea that you need to purchase to improve.