My goober valentines

As requested, here are pictures of the finished valentines my kids prepared to give out today(although it turned out to be yet another snow day):


And here is the valentine mailbox my son made:

I’m so proud.  Yes, we carefully screen and censor the few episodes of Futurama they’re allowed to watch!  I’m not altogether thrilled that Bender is such a captivating role model for them; but at least they laugh when my husband says, “OK, kids. It’s 9:00.  You know what that means: Daddy’s sick of looking at you, so go to bed..”

As for the adult plans, we are (as I mentioned) watching House of Cards and eating the rest of the chocolate I bought. He likes the gross gooey ones, and I like the gross fruity ones. And that’s why you need two people in a marriage.

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  • perpper

    Yes! My spouse gets all the round chocolates, because they might have cherries inside, which I abhor. And I get all the flattish ones, which tend to be nutty or liquer filled. Luckily the assortment we favor has equal quantities of roundish and flattish candies. Important!