Mary said “Fanks”

PIC annunciation

From John Herreid, here’s a painting I’ve never seen before:


The Annunciation by Master of the Retable of the Reyes Católicos (15th century)

Here is a detail, showing the Word of God proceeding from the mouth of the Father:

Cross already in hands. Oh, Mary.

And a short interview with my daughter, who is almost 5. I am not sure why the conversation started with a discussion of her rabbit Daffodil’s  eating habits; and YES I fluffed at least two opportunities to clear up theological misunderstandings. But around 2:53, she says something that never occurred to me before, but I bet she’s right:

YouTube Preview Image

After the angel told her she would have a child, and He would be Son of the Most High, she said . . . “Thank you.”

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  • gregcamacho8

    Eh, it says “This video is private.”

  • Jeni

    She’s so sweet. You need to post more videos! Vlog…vlog…vlog… say it with me people.

  • Cynthia Cunningham Chambers

    The Canticle of Mary is beautiful and so is your daughter’s summary of it “Thank you” in a small, sweet voice. :)

  • anna lisa

    Sweet. I put Charlotte in my lap and let Irene teach her some catechism–from one cute, little, long -brown -haired, whippersnapper, to another. Fank you! Charlotte turned 5 on the 12th. :)

  • deivids kiz