Pre-Oscar Montage


Pre-Oscar Montage directed by Bennett Miller (Capote)

Awesome! I made it in the film, but this is all I say: “awesome”.

Also, there we we were glued to the TV last night but never saw this; someone sent me the link this morning.

Anyway, awesome company!

I enjoyed the Oscars a lot last night. We had a very nice party, and I will be posting some photos soon.

  • Antonio Manetti


  • Antonio Manetti

    Strangely, we missed almost the whole program. Having moved to the SF area from the east coast, I can’t get used to the fact that the show starts around dinner time.

  • Antonio Manetti

    I almost forgot.

    Will there be a blog entry assessing the awards? I hope so.

    Thankfully, (from my point of view) Streep did not get a statuette for “Doubt”.