Unsung hero: Sr. Margaret McEntee, S.C. “Doubt”



Sister Peggy and John Patrick Shanley in the Sisters’ chapel where all the church scenes were filmed.

Today VARIETY published a wonderful article about Sister Peggy and her role in “Doubt”. Please check it out!!

Unsung Hero: Sr. Margaret McEntee, SC & DOUBT


  • anita

    I just watched Doubt and it is brilliant movie! As usual Meryl Streep was truly amazing and so were the others ( including Amy Adams). I hope the movie wins awards. Thanks for this lovely movie….

  • Odessa gibson

    Sr. Margaret was an Administrator at my school. St. Augustine’s College in Nassau, The Bahamas, a Catholic high school establushed by Benedictine monks. I hope that she has fond memirues of her time in The Bahamas because i remember her with fondness I am so happy to know that she is alive and doing well.

  • Michael Porco

    I just watched the movie Doubt, This movie was GREAT !!!! It reminded me so much of my childhood, I was an altar boy and i rang the bells for the Priest. everything was perfect ! I enjoyed this movie very much and i hope it wins the oscar for best picture and Meryl Streep wins for best actress ! I’ll be watching, Thank you for this True to life Powerful movie.

    • sisterrose

      DOUBT was up for an Academy Award last year with several nominations. You can check http://www.imdb.com for the stats.

  • Stuart Heasman

    I loved this movie. I’ve watched it several times. I thought the performances were outstanding.

    The film has left me in doubt (no pun intended). Why did Father Flynn not put up a fight? Are we supposed to infer that he had something to hide?