The Song of Sparrows


This lovely, lyrical Iranian film by Magid Magidi (director of the 1998 Oscar nominated film Children of Heaven, 1997) opens today in limited markets.

It is the story of a husband and father, Karim (Mohammad Amir Naji), who loses his job at an ostrich farm in rural Iran (he is infairly blamed when an ostrich escapes). When he goes to the city to get his daughter’s hearing aid repaired, a man hops on the back of his motorcycle and asks to be taken somewhere. Karim realizes this is a way to make fast, good money.

This is a small film, a brief glimpse into the lives of the working poor in Iran, infused with gentle humor. Karim learns to see and listen to his world as he learns to stop and pay attention. A cinematic poem. Naji won the Silver Bear at Berlin last year (2008) for his performance as Karim.

Karim does everything he can to get back the run-away ostrich
Karim does everything he can to get back the run-away ostrich
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