Films for Year of the Priest – Updated list


Here is the original Top Ten list from the National Catholic Register:

I asked for titles of other films about priests; here are some of the titles sent in


Diary of a Country Priest
True Confessions
Black Robe
Boys Town
Into Great Silence – monastic and only some are priests  but it is a way of life
Mass Appeal
The Third Miracle
Molokai: The Story of Father Damien
Romero (more than the Archbishop; the three other priests)
Keeping the Faith


  • Julia

    yeah for Keeping the Faith! I love that movie too (not just because I love Edward Norton, but it helps :) and I think it depicts priests in a very real, human way.

  • Taylor Marshall

    Here’s a bridge between the year of Saint Paul and the year of the Priest:

    “Was Paul a priest? How?