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The sequel is so derivative: Oliver Stone making sequel to WALL STREET

 The rumor is confirmed by the New York Times today, via The Hollywood Reporter. Oliver Stone is making sequel to his prophetic 1987 film "Wall Street". Although we don't seemed to have learned much from that film, maybe this time it will mean more. See Francis X. Clines' brief column: The sequel is so derivative. (Clines notes that "good box" office sounds profitable, too.) … [Read more...]

Mickey Rourke thanks God and Catholic faith for ‘second chance’

(Mickey Rourke) 'When you fall people push you down even more. The world is full of materialism and envy. When you are famous and you fall, people don’t want you to come back. It is almost impossible to come back. It’s hard enough the first time, but the second time it’s like you don’t even exist …God gave me a second chance.' An interesting article posted on Catholic Online on august 26: Mickey Rourke thanks God and Catholic faith for 'second chance' … [Read more...]

Movie Reviews Food, Inc., My Sister’s Keeper, Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince, etc.

My reviews for St. Anthony Messenger, September 2009 are online now.After the road trip my sister and I took these last couple of days from Half Moon Bay to Marin County, CA, organic takes on a whole new "feel". In case you haven't been to Marin County lately, it's one big celebration of organic edibles. The film Food, Inc. will make you evaluate the source of everything you put into your mouth, and the consequences of not questioning and speaking up about corn-fed and syrup-ed processed and … [Read more...]

Obama to join faith-based national teleconference on health care reform | National Catholic Reporter

Obama to join faith-based national teleconference on health care reform | National Catholic ReporterShared via AddThisI don't usually post about non-media issues, but health care reform IS a media issue. You can join in this conference via video streaming. Check out the website. … [Read more...]

HUMANITAS Prize Announces 2009 Finalists; 35th Annual event to be held September 17, 2009

The finalists for 2009 HUMANITAS Prize were announced today by John Wells, HUMANITAS Prize President.  A total of $95,000 in prize money will be handed out at the annual luncheon on September 17th in the Crystal Ballroom at The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Since 1974, HUMANITAS has honored feature film and television writers whose work explores the human condition in a way which ultimately affirms the dignity of the human person and reveals our common humanity.   “The work of these gifted writers is tru … [Read more...]

District 9: Sci-fi action flick is really good

This low-budget sci-fi thriller is one of the best films of the year. Review to follow. Thought-provoking study of humanity and what it means to be human. I found theological themes as well. Good entertainment value. … [Read more...]

Bandslam & Ponyo open this weekend

I like Bandslam: see my review at Eye on Entertainment August 2009 St. Anthony Messenger. It's entertaining and a big vote for the arts in the curriculum. Then there's Ponyo click here and scroll down to CAPSULES. I saw it at the Venice International Film Festival last year; this is a longer review: Ponyo click here and scroll down. The TV ads make Ponyo look like a linear tale; it is not according to the English subtitles we saw at the Venice Film Festival. Now that the film is dubbed, … [Read more...]

15 Memorable Movies that inspired me (and so did the books)

When I saw my friend's Rae's list on Facebook it made me think of some older films that I really enjoyed or found inspiring (and the books - all except "I know where I am going" - if there is a book I haven't read this one.)1. Rebecca 2. Jamaica Inn 3. All this and Heaven Too 4. To Sir, With Love 5. The Song of Bernadette 6. Northwest Passage 7. I Know Where I'm Going (Wendy Hiller and Petula Clark!) 8. The Scarlet Pimpernel 9. The Glass Virgin 10. Dr. Zhivago 11. The Trouble with Angels 12. L … [Read more...]

Zero Gravity, where God was waiting | National Catholic Reporter

Zero Gravity, where God was waiting | National Catholic ReporterShared via AddThis … [Read more...]

Forbes on Film & Footlights

 My friend and colleague Harry Forbes has launched a new blog:Forbes on Film & FootlightsHarry is a wonderful film critic, and I am glad to see him reviewing the stage, The Great White Way (and other venues), as well.  Be sure to add Harry's blog to your RSS feed (he sometimes gets to the movies before I do!)Harry has a wonderful background (this resume is from the "about" section of his blog): "Harry Forbes has most recently reviewed film, TV, and theater for the Catholic News Se … [Read more...]