Red Dog – a true story

I saw this interview on The Tonight Show with Josh Lucas and his new film Red Dog. The interview was on YouTube and then it was not.

Red Dog had the biggest box office ever in Australia but is going straight to DVD here on November 6.

The preview has the gist of this true story. I ordered a copy and will review as soon as I get it.

Wonder why no theatrical release? Sure seems like one of the good ones.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Nancy

    Hi Rose!
    I saw this movie at a Film Festival screening…fantastic! I wrote about it:

    • sisterrose

      Note to readers: Sr. Nancy’s nice review needs a big SPOILER ALERT!

  • Pat Cardamone

    There are lots of great Australian films made every year, almost all of which never make it to U.S. screens, and only some of which make it to DVD in the U.S. I am always perplexed that distributors do not trust U.S. audiences to accept Aussie accents. Australia was the first country in the world to make feature length films as we know them today. Another recent great example is a film that played last week in the “Film Festival Flix” one nighter at the Laemmle in Pasadena, Ca. A film about Victim/Offender Mediation with the title “Face To Face” – a wonderful film, crafted with artful taste, and sensitivity to the subject of Restorative Justice.

    • sisterrose

      I, for one, love the Aussie accent. And most of Australia’s quirky cinematic exports. Go, Australia!