Ear Worms: the sound track in my head

Do tunes every get stuck in your ears? I call sticky tunes ear worms. Here are the worms traveling through air, time, and the culture right now that are pleasing to my ear. What are your ear worms?


Hum (A Prius for Everyone)

(Do you know who sings this?)

Well, it’s a nice idea. I’d like to think everyone could afford a Prius. But they are giving away this tune for free and it’s stuck in my head via a Prius worm



Katy Perry

What a great song from the pop princess – the lyrics are hers, too. Moving.


Good Time

By Owl City and Carly Ray Jepsen

The lyrics don’t matter. (Or do they?) The tune works, darn it.


Call Me Maybe

Carly Ray Jepsen

The lyrics are so so but try to wash out your ears.



We could have had it all (Rollin’ in the Deep)

That voice. Maybe you could have had it all but do you need it all to be happy?


Out in the Harbor (Christmas ear worm)

The Weepies

I first heard this on a JCPenny commercial in 2007 (I think). Love it. Nostalgia on tap.

MacBook Air

Remember this one? A new soul? Really? But the music …


St. Francis Xavier is known for having taught about Christianity by setting teachings to popular tunes. People who have trouble memorizing often help themselves by setting the words to songs that they know. Hearing is the most profound of all the senses because what comes in through the ears evokes an immediate physical response, at times unbidden.

Advertisers know this. They link songs old and new to products hoping we will make a nostalgic connection and buy whatever products, services or ideas they are selling. Sometimes we do. Music in its so many expressions creates a sound track for our life and we usually love those songs we grew up with. We respond to different genre depending on how the music makes us feel.

It’s good, I think, for me to stop  sometimes and think about the songs in my head and heart and ask how they got there and why I let them stay.

Here’s an ear worm from a couple of years ago “Forget You” by Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee. CeeLo Green’s original lyrics (and sentiment) not necessary because the music works, this melody is an ear worm. Click here to watch Paltrow’s performance.

What are your ear worms? Do share the songs that mean the most to you … or the ear worms in your head.

Me, at the mercy of my younger sister Emilie. She sells theses “ear worm” ear phones and implanted a set in my head during a recent visit to her house. These “ear worms” gave me the idea for this post. (If you are interested in these “ear worms” this is the link to her vitleysa shop on Amazon: The Miscellany Shop – but I am not promoting them. Just saying.)

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