• Libby

    I read once an account written by early explores in California in the 1700′s. It regarded their observance of a thick layer of smoke filling (what is now) the LA basin. The smoke came from the campfires of those living there. There were a lot fewer people then, and no fossil fuels yet. If we humans do contribute to global warming (and how can it be otherwise?) it is due in large part to our sheer numbers. We must also remember that the globe has been warming since it was buried under ice during the great Ice Age, and may continue to do so whether there are humans here or not…we can’t know. My concern is that we transition to greener forms of energy in a way that preserves/values human life, that does not decimate it. And also that we don’t encourage hysteria and self hatred along the way. It is the poor who will suffer from higher energy prices, not the rich.

  • klem

    I’ve seen some of the time lapse glacier videos, they are brilliant and compelling, everyone should see how glaciers calve. Its beautiful. The trouble arises when they suggest that calving glaciers is somehow unusual, or somehow unprecedented, or that humans are responsible. None of these things can be concluded from observing calving glaciers.

    Glaciers are supposed to calve. Glaciers are part of a dynamic system, a feedback loop they undergo over and over.

    But somehow though I think claiming humans are the cause makes the videos scarey and more lucrative. If I were the film producer, I’d probably say the same thing.

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      I hope that you will see the film. The analysis of the ‘goop’ that creates pockets on the glaciers that cause melting show that it is a combination of carbon from the burning of fossil fuels, ash from fires. The scientific evidence is there. There were 1400 glaciers in the Yukon Territory in the time these have been tracked; in the last years 300 have disappeared; 700 have shrunk and only 3-4 have increased in size.

      The science has been significantly updated since the information you have was in the debate. The film has the details and there are other sources to verify the information as well.

  • Ted Seeber

    I am convinced Global Warming exists. I am NOT convinced Anthropocentric Global Warming exists.

    Evidence exists that it is happening elsewhere in our solar system as well is why.

    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take action- that makes whatever action we do take even more important, and even less likely to be successful.

    And thus it points more to adaptation than attempting to reverse the effects. Get off fossil fuels. Move cities inland and upward. Seasteading. And Aquaculture.

  • Amoratem Veritatis

    It might be time to remind the good Sister to try and stick to theological opinions, or at least commentary on faith and morals. Whenever our Bishops, Priests and Women Religious start offering authoritative opinion regarding economic policy, national security issues or other subjects that are simply beyond the expertise of the Church, it opens the Church to criticism that it is out of touch with reality. I will give a very substantial “benefit of the doubt” on this issue since it is meant to be a movie review, but it might be worthwhile to vett the claims of a movie you choose to review before accepting the claims at face value. Some actual fact and clarity can be found here: