“Restless Heart: The Confessions of St. Augustine” theatrical screening 12/10/12 in Los Angeles

You are welcome to come in to purchase tickets or to call 310-397-8676. Tickets must be pre-purchased. All sales are final. No tickets will be sold at the door.

This is a benefit screening of the film; proceeds will go to the Building Fund of the Daughters of St. Paul here in Culver City, CA (for repairs, new roofs, remodeling, new  carpet, tuckpointing of chapel exterior wall  if the budget can manage it).

Bless you!

Although there is nothing objectionable in the film it may be over the heads of younger children. The suggested age is 14+; but if your child is interested, then by all means!

The film is in English.

You can read my essay/review of the film here: Restless Heart: The Confessions of St. Augustine

 YouTube Preview Image


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  • Juliana

    Dear Sr. Rose,
    Congratulations on your new website.
    We are friends and sisters in Christ, and in that spirit I would suggest that you reconsider one of the statements in this review. When you say that “someone doesn’t know their church history” in speaking about a script that tells the story of Augustine because the term didn’t exist before the 17th century, that simply is not true. St. Ignatius uses the term. (Letter to the Smyrnaeans, I believe). St. Ignatius of Antioch, ordained by the apostles , third bishop of Antioch, martyred in Rome (I too am fascinated by the fathers of the church)
    whose letter we can still read today is a most significant figure who wrote in the early part of the second century. Even beyond that fact, given the importance of Antioch, his martyrdom and very close tie to the original apostles, is it unlikely that his use of the term then would not have influenced a broader use by his successors?

    • Juliana

      The term I am referring to is CATHOLIC. (somehow in getting in and out of this page, I didn’t notice the missing term. oops!

  • teresa schaefer

    Would like to know if restless heart; the confessions of st. augustine. is in a theater near me. inland empire, rancho cucamonga, ca.

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      You can check the schedule at the Restless Heart website http://restlessheartfilm.com/movie-events.php

      You can also find information there to sponsor a screening yourself (or your parish, group, etc.)