“The Bible” trailer released today



Here is the trailer for the new television series on The Bible from producers Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) and Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice) comes THE BIBLE, an epic ten part mini-series that will debut on The History Channel on March 3, 2013.

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This new epic 10-part miniseries will premiere on The History Channel on March 3, 2013 (just two weeks or so into Lent!) It is produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel).

Today the producers are offering a “first look”: The Nativity. It’s lovely.

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The producers have set scenes from “The  Bible” to recording artist and star of “The Voice” Cee-Lo Green’s rendition of “Mary did you know?”

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  Blake Shelton sings “There’s a New Kid in Town” to scenes from “The Nativity Story” 

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  • JoFro

    Don’t like it. Joseph is too young. And who thought making this Jesus Christ Superstar series would work?

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      I think you might like it … it’s very reverent

      • Greg Araujo

        Its heretical, Mary did not experience birthing pains because they are the result of original sin (Gen 3).

        • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

          No, Greg, it is not heretical to believe that Mary gave birth naturally and experienced pain. The Church does not define this consideration (re: Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Ludwig Ott). Please see this the Catechism of the Catholic Church 484-511. This article is also interesting http://www.catholic.net/index.php?size=mas&id=2385&option=dedestaca.

        • Eric

          You are just being silly Greg. You are correct that birthing pains were the result of original sin. Original sin was with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which is roughly 4,000 years prior to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. What on earth are you think to think that Mary did “not” have birthing pains?

  • Shawn Francis

    Sisterrose. I respect the spirit in which you set Greg straight on the actual Catholic doctrine but don’t you think it is a fair question to ask why so many Catholics are confused on this point? I guarantee you it is not because they have honestly read the scriptures for themselves and interpreted them that way.

  • Carolyn

    Will this series be biblical? I’ve been burned by the History channel before… for example, something about the Holy Grail is to be shown soon and there is no mention in the Bible about a holy grail… it’s just not biblical.

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      Yes … I saw 90 minutes taken from the entire series and they have made a film telling the bible stories.

      They took one slight creative license with Sarah in the Book of Genesis and every Scripture person there LOVED it because it is wholly consistent with the Scriptures. Lovely really.

      Bless you!

  • Dianne Mathews

    It Does not matter about birthing pains The Point here is that someone who has a lot of faith and trust in OUR HEAVENLY FATHER has gone to a lot of trouble to make us understand.
    We are on the brink of change there has not been anything like what we are about to face since the Noah Floods
    Please people instead of being critical take the time to not only watch but understand what we are being told and given here
    A chance to redeem and prove our faith once and for all in Our Heavenly Father

  • Lee Hartman

    No one knows how old Joseph or Mary were. However, how could they get wrong the most obvious and most-often made mistake in depicting nativities? The arrival of the Magi came about two years later, when May, Joseph and the baby were in their “house.”

  • http://TheBible Kathy


    No reason to debate when the movie is glorifying God.

    Turn on the other 500 channels and then we will see what God is concerned about. He knows the facts and all we need to do is trust Jesus as our Savior and obey.

  • Carl Grey

    It was good, it just seemed strange that most of the actors were British and made no attempt to at least sound middle eastern. I don’t think there was a Jew in the entire first episode….

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      Well, there’s no way to tell who is Jewish or not by the way one looks, so I wouldn’t say this.

      After “The Passion of the Christ” when everyone spoke Aramaic or Latin, well, that’s trying to be very authentic. But choosing actors with British accents goes back to the practice of that accent indicating “other than American”. Didn’t bother me.

      Good, very good, production qualities. We enjoyed it as a popular presentation of the Bible. I think the producers were trying to make sure anyone who watches it will find him or herself there.

  • James

    This movie is a SUMMARY of the bible. You must read the bible for yourselves to understand the beauty and YAHWEH’S truth in each book. It’s like good footnotes, but my fear is that people will watch and think they can tell you they now have an understanding of the bible. Also let’s not get into race because we all know Moses had to be of color because he past as the pharoah’s grandson. So he had to be of color. Reading is fundamental.

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      This series is a good introduction to anyone who is not familiar with the Scriptures. It can be a moment of grace depending on what the person brings to it. Hopefully it will spur viewers to read the Bible and to learn more about it. You can find a good online course (courses) at the University of Dayton’s http://vlc.udayton.edu UD is a Catholic university)

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  • Scott

    First episode was horrible. Opened with Noah reciting the Book of Genesis (long before the birth of Moses or when he wrote it). Three angels in Sodom doing kung fu fighting with swords? I thought the assailants were blinded by light. Abraham was not painted as a man of great faith, but sorrow and doubting at the time of sacrifice. What about the men that went with him….that he told “WE’LL be right back?” Why change elements of the book, the inspired Word of God?

    • http://SisterRoseHomepage.com sisterrose

      It’s not easy to do the Bible … As it is, the literary forms of the Bible may obscure the actual facts. So I can understand further artistic license, informed by scripture scholars, by the producers, is ok.

      the challenge is, we all “imagine” the Bible as we read it and any depiction will fall short.

      As I mentioned before, I did like the nuance they gave Sarah as a mother who knew her husband’s relationship with a God she did not quite get. Or maybe she got God more than Abraham even … Interesting …