The Voice – they are all winners but I am voting for Cassadee Pope (and she won!)

The Voice is a terrific show and as Season Three marched on these final three singers, Cassadee, Nicholas David, and Terry McDermott were voted through over and over. The judges didn’t nit-pick (as much) as in Season Two and the show was always entertaining (especially watching a recording to skip commercials.)

I think most of the singers that the judges “turned around for” during the audition/selection process could have made it; there are so many people “praying twice” out there, singing their hearts out and trying to move our souls through song.

They could call this show “The Gift” as well.

To me, there’s an elegance about “The Voice” and all the finalists are #1. They are almost flawless and their performances move move me.

As one of the judges said tonight, Nicholas David’s humility inspires. I love his voice and his love for his family – and they for him. He could lose the glasses, but oh, that voice.

Terry McDermott, another family man, is a real pop rocker, and his clarity of tone is so pleasing.

The Cassadee. Of all three finalists, Cassadee’s voice, to me, is the most interesting; it’s so varied, credible, vulnerable but never weak. Of all the finalists, I would buy Cassadee’s music, if she does country, that is. I love country.

So I am hoping that Cassadee will win “The Voice”.

Whoever wins I hope we don’t have to wait months to hear from them.

Suggestion: why not produce some of the amazing duets that contestants sang this season? Those early duets, some of them, were really good. The recent ones, just excellent.

Music can heal us, as Blake Shelton said. What a fitting tribute the show made for the victims of the Newtown shootings.






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