“Remember Sunday” Hallmark’s sweet but improbable new movie

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Sunday, April 21

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Molly (Alexis Bledel) is a sweet, ditzy, waitress and college student in New Orleans on a first name basis with the traffic man who comes to take the boot off of her car over and over again. She is romantically challenged and shares an apartment with Jolene (Valery Azlynn) who constantly nags her to find a good man. Molly has college loans but is in a waiting pattern because she is expecting her portion of an inheritance to come through any day. Her dream is to open a flower shop.

One day a man, Gus (Zachary Levi) comes into the café where Molly works and they chat a little. She notices that he is talking into a recorder as he waits for a friend.  When he leaves the table to take a phone call she leaves a message for him that he discovers that night.  Within a couple of days they meet again when Molly goes into the jewelry shop where Gus works. She pawns a valuable ring for cash to pay her parking tickets.  Though Gus does not remember Molly he likes her and instead of putting the ring on sale puts it aside with her name on it.

Gus lives in an apartment filled with notes on the cabinets and walls and a file that tells him to read it every morning.  Soon enough we learn, though it takes Molly longer, that Gus had an aneurism deep in his brain that basically destroyed the part that controls short-term memory. His long-term memory is in tact but he can make no new memories and must begin each day anew.  His sister Lucy (Merritt Weaver) devised a system for him to manage each day. He can no longer work as a scientist but is able to function well at the jewelry shop because it is owned by family friends that he remembers.

Although Molly is confused by Gus’s memory loss, she thinks he’s like her, just chronically forgetful. They start seeing each other and Molly is falling in love.


If you saw the 2004 film “Fifty First Dates” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as a woman incapable of forming new memories, you know the story. To its credit, “Remember Sunday” is a more calm and dignified version about the role of memory in our lives and intimate relationships.

But here’s the problem with stories like these. The characters want to get married, and at least one is capable of love and the necessary discernment to choose freely. But the person with the brain impairment, according to a priest who works at a diocesan marriage tribunal, “doesn’t have the discretion or the capability to assume the obligations of marriage.” He said, “It can feel like love but consent is defective because of the physical anomaly.”

Watching “Remember Sunday” is enjoyable as a romantic comedy because of Alexis Bledel’s lovely performance (we remember her from “The Gilmore Girls” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”) and Zachary Levi’s (“Chuck”) ability to be a man who must start each day anew and the toll this extreme limitation takes on his hope for lasting happiness. The supporting cast is very simpatico.  Barry Marrow’s teleplay stabilizes the plot by adding in Gus’ former life as an astrophysicist who watched the heavens to search for meaning.

But ultimately, for anyone who understands the meaning of marriage, “Remember Sunday” can never work, not really, until science comes up with a way to restore Gus’s brain.  I think “Remember Sunday” is one of the most watchable of recent Hallmark Hall of Fame movies but this is one romantic fantasy where love cannot change someone, and a real marriage is not at the end of Molly’s rainbow.


  • Daisy Haley

    How did Remember Sunday? I missed the ending.

  • Susie

    This movie and the Child Help movie both refer to some events in my life. It has switched it around gender wise. I am autistic, hyperlexic(learned to read and write before 4), and have a high IQ(particularly visual IQ). I’ve worked for the government and I was educated at a much younger age than normal. Getting a GED and fast tracking university, tech, and art schools.

    Due to abuse I had aneurisms more than once. I had one as a result of a severe beating. Which left me in a wheelchair, legally blind, and partially deaf. Specialized treatment got me walking again, transplants and injections fixed my eyes, specialized treatment to my ears saw them recover(but gave me sensitive hearing and CAPD). A second time I got aneurisms from boys attacking me and hitting me in the head with a hammer. I didn’t know how badly I’d been hurt. Though once I had a concussion and broken arm from defending a boy from the attackers. I collapsed into my older half brothers arms and woke in hospital. I could recognize him and others at first but then a second aneurism went. Finally later a third which they thought might kill me but I survived. But was a blank slate every day like this show says. But before that I had another one go off when I blacked out in the sun. They listed it as severe sun stroke then realized I had an aneurism pop. That one caused me motor issues such as slower/problems with speech. It though was after the set of 3 that reset me every day. That left me with lasting amnesia. During that face blindness(propognosia) gave me difficulty recognizing people during the day unless I could place the voice, clothing or manurism. I started to recover and remember who people were. But still had lost chunks of my memory.

    Somethings I grew up with by people who had raised me(that weren’t my parents but told others they were. She had been my mom’s aunt.) were very hard and abusive. They were arrested on suspicion of murder more than once. I had seen things. They were put in a mental hospital for 3 months and in jail for 6 months another time. But without a dna test to prove who I was, they having a friend who was a doctor mixed up in their dealings. They found loopholes. My medical results pretty much point out they can lie all they want but how do they explain what happened then to cause MRI’s to show what they do?

    Back to this story though. I didn’t write it though I was a writer very young in life and stopped my career by age 11. Having written over 1000 projects, inventions, designs, etc. I used pen names and representatives (who pretended they were me) to protect my privacy also it was just something my great uncle taught me and my great grandpa(actor Eric Michael Rennie). Also despite the Einstine jokes I also performed on stage under several names. Partly as a break from the other heavier work. I did works on physics into unified theory, string theory, technologies to harness that. I worked on advanced mathmatics and predictive algorythms for use in profiling police cases and stopping certain types of crime.(I also wrote a new form of mathmatics that was multi dimensional forward and back predictive) With my grandpa I built and designed one of the first hard drives, LCD monitor technology, AntiVirus, WWW, networking, operating systems, control devices, worked on the first optical technology, flash technology, and proximity chargers. Green energy resources using kenetics and other things. Designs of vehicles for NASA, SETI, and the military as well as civillian use. I worked on the first cellphone technology and the early arcade and gaming systems. Also developing several programming languages. Designing a new curriculum for some of the studies in schools. I created a computer system like the one seen on the show Person of Interest. I was the real designer of the Cray-2.(One of the dev’s is scene in a stereographic image caused by Apex twin’s forumale song – it’s on youtube) I also worked in medicine on use of stem cells, DNA technology, etc. On top of that if a studio was interested in a show on a particular topic I knew I’d get a phone call(mostly Warner back in the 70s for children’s shows). Sometimes I liked writing much like my brief jaunt performing somethings. It was an outlet and an escape from my problems. Because of the many problems I had as a child from my health, abuse, nature of some of my work, and my real immediate family mostly being absent. I ended up handing off large chunks of my work to be continued by others between the ages of 6-8. Stopping all personal work on any project at age 11.

    Floating in amnesia is difficult. You have no memory of people who wrongs you or who might not be ok. This complicated by some of the traits remaining from a diagnosis of autism and hyperlexia as a small child. Given my living situation and government ineptness at dealing with abusive situations and bullying(in the community or at schools). This only complicated things. A person in a normal healthy environment with amnesia of the types I’ve had would probably do better. For me it was always a battle.

    I lost the girl in this movie. Odd as that sounds since I’m really the girl and he’s the boy(represented as a girl in this). It’s only recently I’ve been able to identify familial resemblance in pictures. I remember the picking daisies and the doing of I love me not’s. Even boys do that or at least did when I was little. The dried flowers. My having to tape record things and write notes to myself. Peoples anger and frustration in dealing with my memory loss.(some just being blatantly mean and doing nasty stuff because they found it entertaining) If I ran across this boy again between switching homes, or schools. I’d not know. My ability to identify his face was damaged at the time he came into my life. I can make a few guesses who it could be but I could be wrong. The dysnomia causes the same problem but oddly not as much from my memory loss as you might think. I had people dressing like him a few times to confuse me. They would come, see me, lead me on. Then deliver the punch line and stand there with their friends taunting me and laughing. They found out I’d made a note about how the boy dressed to try to recognize him.(the girl calling herself my sister when she’s a cousin hated me so told them) People started rhyming names around me with the boys name. This would also confuse me and frustrate me. So I remember the boy but I can’t identify him by name or appearance for sure. I suppose this is equally sad given he went to the trouble of writing this movie and hoping I’d see it. He’d done it a few times to help my memories. It worked. I remembered. Just because of what people were doing and I have no notes or tapes left. I don’t know who he is. I guess eventually the Wizard of Oz will pull back the curtain and I’ll find out again.

    Relationships with this sort of memory problem are difficult. My longer memory damage was a different sort of challenge. But it protected some of my work and was intentional. I know that sounds scary and awful but it wasn’t something that couldn’t be out done and some of my work was dangerous if the wrong people only motivated by greed and power trips were to get their hands on it. As it was court cases went on because they tried to take copywrited material and copywrite it outside of North America. It was obviously still theft or attempted theft. My short time memory at the time was a challenge to us both. But it also made every day special. You live it like it’s your first much like people who live it like its their last. If anything if you like someone. Living like this tells you there has to be a special something. Otherwise every time you wouldn’t keep feeling something for this person. Deep down they know that too. Obviously I meant enough to them or to someone otherwise I wouldn’t be watching this show right now. They wouldn’t of found this way to remind me. A way (writing/tv/movies/music) that used to be my escape from life, and my autistic fixation. I am more than just a label. Everyone is.

  • http://www.breakpoint.org Gina

    My friend Rachel decided to rewrite the ending — I think she did a great job. :-)


  • Mabel Garcia

    I would love to have a movie producer contact me to possibly create a wonderful life true story of my 17 year old granddaughters near death experience due to a severe car accident and all the angels that appeared in her path as she survived this miraculous episode.