Nuns and social media: link to Al Jazeera’s “The Stream”

Here’s the link to “Social Sisters” that aired on Al Jazeera’s Online show “The Stream” yesterday

Sister Anne Joan Flanagan, FSP
Slough, UK


Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

Sister Simone Campbell
Washington, DC


Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP
Los Angeles, CA


This is so last minute but you can join the conversation about nuns and social media on Al Jazeera’s “The Stream”  at 3PM ET/12 noon PT. If they post the entire program after I will post the link here.

On Thursday, May 29 at 19:30 GMT: 

Tweeting nuns. Pop singing nuns. Activist nuns. The Catholic Church is not what it used to be, and social media is spreading the word. The Stream looks at the changing face of the Catholic sisterhood and asks how social networking is transforming how nuns focus on their faith.

Read more: 

The Nun Who Got Addicted to Twitter – The Atlantic
Why the pope is on Twitter but not Facebook – Quartz

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