The Second Seal: How can a permanent fixture be a prediction of the future?


But whatever you make of the rest of the book, I just can’t see how Revelation 6:3-4 can be read as a foretelling of the future. The rider on the red horse — war — isn’t some dreaded figure whose arrival will come in the distant future. He lives here. He’s always lived here. [Read more...]

Here’s to us all who were born too late


When Andrew Sullivan first started blogging 15 years ago, there were no offshore wind farms in the U.S. Conservatives confused to find themselves agreeing with “the beating Sarah Palin took from the media in 2008.” No, poor people didn’t have enough money to crash the global financial system. And “If God Had Wanted Me To Be Accepting Of Gays, He Would Have Given Me The Warmth And Compassion To Do So.” [Read more...]

Religion, justice, the good, and Brenda Russell


Is religion the source of goodness and justice? Or is religion, rather, a formidable obstacle to those things? Yes. Both. Neither. Whatever. Point is, that goodness and justice stuff? I don’t care how you get there, just get there if you can. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (1.28)


Panti Bliss on what it is that homophobes are afraid of. Rachel L. Martin on “The Brave and Tragic Trail of Reverend Turner.” Scott Hancock and Alexandra Milano on the real rebels who overthrew the traitors. Anne Mellinger-Birdsong says, “Trust women.” Mark Danner on “Our New Politics of Torture.” [Read more...]

You want to smother in all that hate?


When my brain is fried, I give you capybaras. Plus: What part of “Woody Guthrie” doesn’t the anti-union governor understand? Bull Connor: Sunday school teacher. HarperCollins says it’s Fiji Mermaid is the real deal. [Read more...]

Instead of Rayford Steele talking about abortion, here is a video of a snowy egret riding a capybara


I like capybaras. They are gentle herbivores. Like humans, capybaras have lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C and are susceptible to scurvy. Unlike humans, they are incapable of sanctimonious lecturing, of delusional assumptions about the motives of others, or of promoting the misogynistic belief that women are intrinsically untrustworthy and inferior. [Read more...]

I can’t take the thought of you here

Presidents holding hands with Kings.

January is here, but we’re already getting ready for spring. The Saudi monarchy is rotten — and really, really weird. Is our Bushes learning? And “Give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit.” [Read more...]

Where is our 2016 GOP/’Too Many Cooks’ mashup?


I realize it’s only January of 2015 and next year’s presidential election still seems a long way off. But with more than a dozen prominent (and not-so-prominent) Republicans already jostling for their party’s nomination, it seems like we should’ve seen this by now. [Read more...]