I can’t take the thought of you here

Presidents holding hands with Kings.

January is here, but we’re already getting ready for spring. The Saudi monarchy is rotten — and really, really weird. Is our Bushes learning? And “Give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit.” [Read more...]

Where is our 2016 GOP/’Too Many Cooks’ mashup?


I realize it’s only January of 2015 and next year’s presidential election still seems a long way off. But with more than a dozen prominent (and not-so-prominent) Republicans already jostling for their party’s nomination, it seems like we should’ve seen this by now. [Read more...]

In ‘Mark of the Beast’ case, EEOC defends the religious liberty to belief it thereby proves to be factually untrue


Religious liberty, if it is ever to mean anything at all, must include the freedom to be wrong. It cannot matter, legally, whether or not a religious belief is orthodox, or coherent, or part of a longstanding established tradition. Protecting religious liberty means protecting the right to believe in the implausible, the idiosyncratic, the offensive, the stupid, the factually insupportable, the demonstrably false. The EEOC just proved that Beverly Butcher’s “Bible prophecy” beliefs are wrong — and that he has the right to be wrong. [Read more...]

Sunday WTF?

“Cretans are always liars, vicious brutes, lazy gluttons.” [Read more...]

This is not your ordinary hurdy-gurdy man


It’s never too late to learn. An Ohio mayor creates a No-Go Zone outside of Cincinnati. We don’t want you on that wall, we don’t need you on that wall. An (allegedly) crooked politician gets arrested on the same day two mega-banks pay a token fee for the same exact scam. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 17: ‘This ain’t science fiction’


“Communications and computer technology were rather different eight years ago from the way they are now,” I wrote in 2003, “And, one might imagine, eight years from now these technologies will be even more different.” That proved to be correct then, and it’s still true now. Here’s another bold prediction I’ll make about eight years from today: When you check back in to read this post in 2023, the Rapture still won’t have happened, but the people now saying it will occur at any moment will still be making money saying that. [Read more...]

You buy prestige and spread decline


Some Thursday evening links, including: RIP Marcus Borg; that time when Jesus beat up Jesse Ventura; remembering “Michelle Remembers;” hurray for Hurray for the Riff Raff; and the video replay overturns Mike Huckabee’s claims to be truthful. [Read more...]

Al Mohler’s ‘erotic liberty’ rhetoric is a sinful, unbiblical, indecent, nasty lie


Lies don’t get much uglier than Al Mohler’s “erotic liberty vs. religious liberty” slur. This rhetoric is designed to deny the humanity of other human beings, refusing to acknowledge them as anything more than walking sex acts. Humans are capable of religion, Mohler is saying. Those sub-humans over there — those bestial walking sex acts — are incapable of religion, only of “eroticism.” [Read more...]