‘Make disciples’: Actors, hitters, and Christians

Warner Bros. photo of Andy Serkis at work via Screen Crush article at link.

How Andy Serkis and Tony Gwynn can help us Christians understand the Great Commission and what it means to go and make disciples. [Read more...]

Times of the Signs: The Latest News on the Last Days


A priest is asked “How does the Rapture figure into your faith?” and very patiently explains that “Left Behind” is not actually part of the canon. Industrial pollution turns a river in China blood red — just like when Moses raised his staff and flooded the Nile with industrial pollution in the Bible! And for a one-time donation of $4.95, WorldNetDaily promises to tell you exactly when Jesus is coming back. [Read more...]

Self-confidence persuades us that he is a saint


A few things, including: ReaganBook a victim of limited government; remembering the potato patch mayor; the Benhams’ “religious liberty” to disrupt worship services; amplifying smaller blogs; “all flesh” means all flesh; and what I have in common with David Koch. [Read more...]

On justice vs. ‘righteousness’


“Those who approach the New Testament solely through English translations face a serious linguistic obstacle to apprehending what these writings say about justice. In most English translations, the word “justice” occurs relatively infrequently. It is no surprise, then, that most English-speaking people think the New Testament does not say much about justice; the Bibles they read do not say much about justice. English translations are in this way different from translations into Latin, French, Spanish, German, Dutch — and for all I know, most languages.” [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (7.29)

David Simon on theodicy and the Yankees; Dahlia Lithwick on execution by torture; Nick Hanauer on why plutocrats should support a new New Deal; Bethany Stolle on being marked in ministry; and “The Seven Types of Modern American Bigots.” [Read more...]

Meteorologists explain the direction of the wind


“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan said. And we also shouldn’t need moral theologians with formal training to tell us that the leadership of our churches should consist of “individuals who are neither perpetrators nor enablers of abuse.” But apparently we do. [Read more...]

‘It’s a hard world for little things’


“One Million Moms” — the media watchdog arm of the right-wing Christianist American Family Association, whose name is inaccurate by several orders of magnitude — is upset with the latest ad from Guinness because it features the great old hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”: Guinness & Co. is currently airing a commercial for its beer [Read More...]

A scientist sets an example for the church

I do not know much of anything about “the evolution and ecology of microbes and genomes,” or much of anything about Dr. Jonathan Eisen, who specializes in that field. But Eisen seems to be a mensch. The UC Davis professor was recently invited to give a prestigious endowed lecture series and, as Upworthy would say, What He Did Next Will Surprise You. … [Read more...]