Happy Birthday, Hal Lindsey — still defying prophecy after all these years


Hal Lindsey turns 85 years old today. He told us that would never happen, but it just did. Lindsey’s admirers will likely celebrate his 85th birthday today without pausing to realize that this celebration disproves everything Lindsey himself ever taught them. [Read more...]

Sunday favorites

“Do not rob the poor because they are poor, or crush the afflicted at the gate; for the Lord pleads their cause and despoils of life those who despoil them.” [Read more...]

‘Do I need to turn her in?’ — something has gone very, very wrong


How bad is the politicization of white evangelical religion? How thoroughly has faith been replaced by partisan political sloganeering? It’s this bad. … [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (11.21)

Questions From a Ewe has a request for Cardinal Sean O’Malley; Eliel Cruz and Darnell Moore on what it’s like to be hated in a “sanctuary;” Maria Joanna Krol-Sinclair writes to the guy she punched in the face in Prague; and Doktor Zoom on the right’s horror whenever Obama quotes the Bible. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 9: ‘Do Panic’


“Rayford runs into Hattie Durham. She’s still ‘drop dead gorgeous,’ but in a hysterically crying, stark-raving panic kind of way. It seems that the most significant and interesting event of the entire story has already occurred and we, the readers, were left behind. Or at least left out. (L&J rarely miss an opportunity to replace action with exposition.)” [Read more...]

The praying hands prey with deliberate cunning


Some Thursday night linkage, including: Glenn Beck is worried about the Black Problem; Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bill Cosby; the hidden curriculum of housekeeping wages; the ghosts of the Satanic panic; and G-L-O-R-I-A in excelsis at the Vatican. [Read more...]

Proverbs and fart jokes and other ancient wisdom literature

There's probably also a joke in here somewhere, which would push the oldest joke back another 20,000 years.

You have to read Proverbs with the other biblical “wisdom” books in mind. It’s part of a set and without the commentary and correction provided by those adjoining books, it can be misleading. Read Proverbs in isolation from them and you can wind up with exactly the sort of hollow Bildadism that the book of Job mocks, the Psalms mourn, and Ecclesiastes demolishes. [Read more...]

G.K. Chesterton and the machinery of bigotry


G.K. Chesterton was a brilliant man with a nimble wit. He had education, Jesus, and a sense of humor — three things that it seems out to preclude crude prejudice and hate. Yet instead of allowing these things to rescue him, Chesterton turned his formidable intellect, religious fervor and wit to the service of an ugly and obsessive anti-Semitism. We need to learn from that, because the lies Chesterton told himself in service of the idea that the world had a “Jewish problem” are precisely the same lies that white America has been telling itself for centuries to maintain the idea that we have a black problem. [Read more...]