LBCF, No. 161: ‘Still unsaved’

It’s like a cosmic game of rock-paper-scissors. Antichrist beats human beats God beats Antichrist. This is strange theology, to say the least. Read more

White evangelical logic: A child-molester is Not As Bad As a Satanic baby-killer

White evangelical supporters of disgraced former judge Roy Moore have taken two strategies to explain why they’re sticking with the Republican Senate candidate despite multiple, credible allegations that he has a long history of child molestation. Read more

Translating Away Justice

Came across this today on the Twitters, an important point well-expressed by Jemar Tisby: I wish I had realized sooner how some American Christians make social justice into a boogeyman by constantly saying that such concerns "replace" the gospel. In reality, a gospel without justice is no gospel at all.— Jemar Tisby (@JemarTisby) November 20, 2017 This bogeyman concern he refers to — the idea that justice must not “replace” the gospel — goes way back in white evangelicalism. This… Read more

Sunday favorites

“So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.” Read more

LBCF, No. 160: ‘Transactions’

Bruce’s assertion there about “perilous times” in which we can’t know “how much … time we have” is another reminder of how premillennial dispensationalism is shaped by the denial of death. What mortals these fools be. Read more

Christmas [stuff]

The Christmas stuff starts arriving in early September. It has to because shortly after that, in early October, it’s going on the shelves. Christmas “stuff” isn’t what you call it, though. Read more

Fundamentalists and Other White Evangelicals Who Support Roy Moore

For both flavors of evangelical, “God Save America” means revival — and that means ensuring a Republican majority in the Senate to confirm “conservative” judges who will restore Gilded Age jurisprudence. Read more

Roy Moore Misrepresented Pastors’ Support (Creepy Bigot Also Turns Out to be Dishonest)

This is, apparently, less utterly disgraceful than the way Moore presented it. It’s still disgraceful, mind you — still indefensible, sinful, ugly and evil — just not disgraceful in quite the way that Moore made it seem. Read more

Churches List Themselves as Unsafe for Children

The pastors of these churches chose, on their own, to come forward and to announce publicly that their communities are unwilling and unable to protect children, and that their churches will, in fact, eagerly defend adults who prey on them. Read more

LBCF, No. 159: ‘Buck and the preacher’

Look again at that initial summary — “being raised in a Christian home, going to Bible college, marrying a Christian, becoming a pastor, the whole thing” — and see if even the authors themselves don’t sound a bit bored by the mundane tedium of it. Read more

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