Now and then another bud unfolds


Please, please someone get an account for “Christian dating” app Collide and list Ruth 3:4 as your favorite verse. Also: NYC strikes a blow against the “credit score” scam; another post-sincerity religious exemption; everything you need to know about journalism in one headline; and a reminder that God is not a lethally incompetent railway worker. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 30: ‘Thank Heaven for little girls’


Consider Rayford’s use, again, of the word “emergency” here. Parts of the airport are actually still on fire. The runway is littered with wrecked planes and dead bodies. They have run out of room for incoming planes to land, but more planes are arriving every moment. To Rayford, none of that constitutes an “emergency.” An emergency is something that affects him. [Read more...]

Inerrancy, white evangelicals, ‘and the sin of racism’

The Oracle at Delphi was inerrant. Fat lot of good that did anybody.

Emma Green’s “Southern Baptists and the Sin of Racism” provides us a sharp image of the SBC’s long, ugly struggle with what its leaders now at last admit is a sin. But I think it’s a mirror image — accurate, but backwards. I don’t think their doctrine of “inerrancy” and their individualistic spirituality contributed to the sin of racism, I think those things are a product of it. [Read more...]

Ben Affleck and the slave state of New Jersey


Slavery in New Jersey didn’t really end until the 13th Amendment was adopted after the Civil War. I wasn’t taught any of that history when I attended school in New Jersey. We learned about slavery in the South, but not about slavery in South Brunswick and South Orange and South Plainfield. [Read more...]

After signing Tim Tebow, the Philadelphia Eagles should sign Michael Sam


Signing Michael Sam to the same kind of one-year contract that Tebow just got could be huge for the Iggles. Imagine this: The front page of features two jerseys for sale — Tim Tebow and Michael Sam — side by side under a banner headline reading “Pick Your Side: Offense or Defense?” Cha-ching! It’d be a culture-war proxy election, fought with dollars. [Read more...]

Sunday WTF?

“This woman said to me, ‘Give up your son; we will eat him today, and we will eat my son tomorrow.’ So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I said to her, ‘Give up your son and we will eat him.’ But she has hidden her son.” [Read more...]

The politics and theology of Superman


Basically there are only two limits on Superman’s use/abuse of his power: 1. His benevolence; and 2. A couple of eccentric billionaires have green rocks hidden in caves under their mansions, just in case. Neither of those seems quite satisfactory. [Read more...]

Taking too much too lightly


“I am quite confident that the Bible’s distinguished place in history will not be diminished in the absence of a state’s endorsement,” says Tennessee’s AG. And I agree (although I do like their choice for an official state song). Plus: Litigious man claims to have invented stale tropes; the Boongurunguru; more fun with the synoptic problem; and echoes of Galatians from the Friendly Atheist. [Read more...]