NRA: Fulfilling our evangelistic duty


Rayford Steele seems to think of lecturing pregnant women about abortion the same way he thinks about evangelism — it’s an unpleasant duty he is obliged to perform in order to exempt himself from the guilt of others’ damnation. That’s how he approached his awkward attempt to “witness” at Hattie back in the first book and it’s how he approached his anti-abortion sermon here. [Read more...]

Never abandoned in the flood lands


Once enough Baby Boomers die, Millennials might have a chance to declare a Jubilee and start rebuilding the infrastructure their parents and grandparents refused to maintain. Plus: Katy Perry, instant karma, a reminder that Franklin Graham is awful, and the first museum of the American Holocaust. [Read more...]

Southern Baptist leaders call for war … or something

An open letter signed by the 17 most recent leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention calls for the U.S. to begin some kind of military intervention against ISIS. None of these 17 Southern Baptist leaders apparently bothered to check to see if maybe the U.S. was already doing that — maybe since last summer, maybe? [Read more...]

When fantasy role-playing replaces faith (cont’d.)

A typical Unitarian church service.

Sustaining the kind of fantasy Linda Wall invites her readers to indulge in takes an enormous amount of imagination. It requires the collaborative effort of a community of fantasists who agree to cooperate by reinforcing one another’s fantasies. And it requires a willingness to reinterpret every mundane detail of the world around you into something fraught with all the drama of the pageant you’re creating in your head. [Read more...]

When fantasy role-playing replaces faith


The culture warrior faith of the religious right is sometimes criticized for being overly negative. That’s a misconception. All the things it seems obsessively negative about are really of no consequence to them. Their message is actually overwhelmingly positive. It is a steady stream of hyperbolic, unwavering, unquestioning praise and celebration. All of it directed toward themselves and their own pious righteousness. [Read more...]

Sunday WTF?

“While my glory passes by I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by; then I will take away my hand, and you shall see my back; but my face shall not be seen.” [Read more...]

Daily Show writer says ‘The Anti-Christ Handbook’ is ‘hilarious’ and ‘devastating’


Daniel Radosh, staff writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: “Blogger Fred Clark has written one of the most effective (and hilarious) critiques of Left Behind, a page-by-page dissection of the first book that has taken him … years. The level of detail gives Clark space to build a devastating case.” [Read more...]

Bullies have always been intersectional, even before that was a word

Intersectionality is not just a nice idea, but a necessary one: We have to be intersectional because the bullies are. They always have been. Bullies and oppressors and Pharaohs have never allowed themselves to be held back by an either/or, zero-sum framework. But they’ve always been very good at exploiting that idea to pit their various victims against one another. [Read more...]