Just take everything down to Highway 61: Obedience is always about epistemology


No, no, no, the “pastors and apologists” say — that violates the spirit of the story. It’s about obedience, not epistemology. For the sake of the story, you must accept that you receive this command from God as an unambiguous revelation: You know with certainty it is a command from God. But that just restates the problem, it doesn’t solve it. Obedience is always about epistemology. [Read more...]

It’s your turn to walk on water


Religious traditions unite against autoplay video ads; terrorist puppies in Malaysia and terrorist marriage in Wyoming; dominionism is still not a liberal myth; and a study Bible that takes the scripture seriously. [Read more...]

If you had to pick one of these …


So, OK, two things: 1. Any preferences among these cover options? Or would the general consensus be “Ugh, none of the above”? and; 2. This would be a collection of the first couple years’ worth of Left Behind posts, covering the first 200 pages of the first book. (At about 80,000 words I suspect it’s actually longer than the first 200 pages of that book.) Anybody have a good sense of what a fair price would be for something like that? [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (10.22)

Greta Christina on “A Woman’s Room Online;” Isabel Wilkerson on “the haunting symmetry of a death every three or four days;” The Church for All Sinners and Saints on, well, the church for all sinners and saints; Yvette Cantu Schneider on the death of the “ex-gay” movement; and Alastair Roberts on (white) “evangelical folk religion.” [Read more...]

NRA: I love it when a plan comes together


The final chunk of Chapter 13 will be familiar to anyone who grew up watching the TV shows of Stephen J. Cannell. These pages offer gunfire, explosions, and a mad scramble across the tarmac fleeing Bad Guys with bad aim. It’s almost like an episode of “The A-Team.” The main difference, though — and here’s a phrase I never expected to write — is that the writing was far, far better on “The A-Team.” [Read more...]

Honey, you still fog my glasses


TGIT. Some links, including: “Real improvements in people’s lives;” why it’s perfectly legal and socially acceptable to steal $2,500 from a poor person who wants a nice sofa; the Friendly Atheist has a friendly chat with “The Commenter Who Always Seems to Disagree With What I Write;” and Pat Robertson warns of Africanized killer towels. [Read more...]

Learn how to use my hands, not just my head


I’m just saying that if you’re a Big Box hardware chain and you’re playing a 4-hour loop of music in your stores that includes two Indigo Girls songs, then one of those songs really ought to be “Hammer and Nail.” That’s all. I mean, duh. [Read more...]

Phlebotinum, young-Earth creationism and the willing suspension of disbelief


This bargain — the exchange of phlebotinum for our willing suspension of disbelief — is conducted by countless storytellers in the realm of science fiction, fantasy, horror, comic books, action movies, detective stories, etc. And this same bargain is made, regularly, between young-Earth creationists and the fans of that genre of speculative fiction. Young-Earth creationism is all about phlebotinum. [Read more...]