Or driven to its knees

Guess what, all those phone calls and town halls and protests against the awful, awful “Trumpcare” bill? They worked. Well done, folks. Also: Trump’s budget wants to cut LIHEAP; the CFPB ain’t dead yet; what flat-earthers are on about; and YNATKC. [Read more…]

Science, reality and ‘persecuted Christians’

Science reports like this make listening to “secular” news radio just one more thing that’s being taken away from them. And so this feeds into the weird (but also delicious) delusion that white Christians in America are being persecuted for their faith. [Read more…]

But we don’t give in

Today’s protest anthem and Saturday open thread comes from the other side of the world, courtesy of Midnight Oil.   [Read more…]

LBCF, No. 127: ‘Fire-breathing Martians’

Writing a bad book — a hastily written, shabbily imagined, incoherent story with wrenching lapses in continuity, hilarious factual errors, and characters that do not behave in recognizably human ways — was the only way for LaHaye & Jenkins to keep their prophecy beliefs intact. Had they tried to write a better book — one in which, at a minimum, there was a semblance of continuity and in which people acted like people — they would have been forced to realize that the thing they’ve been telling themselves they believe is an impossibility. [Read more…]

At each other’s throats

We the people are beleaguered and beset. America in 2017 is an unhappy place full of unhappy people. And it’s no wonder why — what with everyone constantly trying to shove all kinds of things down one another’s throats. So what are we having shoved down our throats today? Let’s check. [Read more…]

I’m guessing it’s named after the other Philip

“So who were Saints Philip and James?” The question involved the namesakes of a local Catholic parish, and I couldn’t be sure of the answer. There were quite a few saints that shared those names. But I suspect we can narrow down the list, because naming a church after the wrong one of those Philips would just be asking for trouble. [Read more…]

The audacious claim that we are not shaped by history

Every facet of white evangelical Christianity as it exists in America today is based on this unspoken belief. It is the bold claim that defines the tradition, the bedrock of everything that white evangelical Christianity is and strives to be. That claim is this: Hundreds of years of slavery and a century of Jim Crow oppression had no effect on the shape of American Christianity.

[Read more…]

Sanctuary and ‘civil disobedience’ (part 1)

Sanctuary is an old idea, existing since ancient times. Over thousands of years, the idea and practice has evolved, but it endures today. And in all that time, in all its various forms in various cultures, one thing has always been true of the refuge provided by the practice of sanctuary: It has been lawful and legal, a legitimate assertion of jurisdiction and not a form of “civil disobedience.” [Read more…]

The Resenters: Building Hell in Heaven’s despite

The Resenters rejoice when others mourn and mourn when others rejoice, and their politics of resentment has the crabs-in-a-bucket effect of making things worse for everyone, themselves included — making sure that nothing ever improves, that no problem is ever solved. The politics of resentment can never be for anything. That which benefits others will provoke resentment, even if it benefits all, including the Resenters themselves. They will still manage to resent the benefit to others — mourning at their rejoicing — convincing themselves that they might have benefited more if those others hadn’t also been unjustly included in the common good. [Read more…]

Adios mis amigos Jesus y Maria

Today’s protest anthem and Saturday open thread comes courtesy of the Highwaymen, covering Woody Guthrie: The plane wreck at Los Gatos occurred in 1948. It would be nice if the song didn’t feel like it was written yesterday. [Read more…]