“Bible-prophecy scholarship” in this story — and in real life — is phlebotinum. The Rapture and the rest of the End Times chart are about as “biblical” as reversing the polarity on a tachyon pulse. Read more

The Satanic Panic does not arise from fear that there might be monsters out there in the dark. It comes from the fear that there might not be. Without those monsters, how can we know that we are good? Read more

The development and real estate boom in Avalon is an example of America’s death-bet approach to economics, infrastructure, community, and civilization in general. It’s a beautiful place, but also an ugly one. Read more

Then he said, “I will do this: I will pull down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods.” Read more

The actor playing Hattie Durham wants us to know that she doesn’t approve of Hattie’s behavior. And thus we never see Hattie’s behavior, only the actor’s disapproval. All of the “unsaved” characters in Left Behind are like this. Read more

Tina Beattie on the Irish referendum. Jason Johnson on Starbucks and white spaces. Sam Washington on the whiteness of white evangelicalism. Laura Bullard on #ChurchToo. Read more

The crowd for the Eagles Super Bowl parade was much, much larger than the crowd for Donald Trump’s poorly attended inauguration. Also: A theodicy of Dr. Strange; laying the groundwork for tyranny; and breaking into the wrong $#*@ rec room. Read more

The youth ministers told us that “After you die, God will replay your whole life on a giant projector screen in the afterlife and all humans ever will see your secret sins.” I don’t think the youth ministers thought this through. Read more

Tim LaHaye’s theology and the awkward plot Jerry Jenkins has constructed for it simply do not allow for humanity to rage against or to question or to negotiate with God. “Cruciatus in crucem” — “to Hell with your punishments” — is not a phrase anyone in “Left Behind: The Movie” is allowed even to think, much less to say. Read more

The same folks who advocate the perspicuity of scriptures always wind up clarifying what it clearly says with ever-expanding Statements of Faith. Plus: Trump’s MRA puppet; selective inerrancy, and “Why the Catholic Church Lost in Ireland.” Read more

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