Burton calls Graham “a religious leader whose convictions informed his politics, and not the other way around.” Would that this distinction were so easy to make, or to practice. Graham didn’t do this. Nobody does. Read more

It works like this: 1. I am a hero because I’m opposed to the imaginary Satanic baby-killers who are, by definition, the greatest evil of our time. 2. This makes me the equivalent (at least) of the heroes of other times who opposed the greatest evils of their day. 3. Therefore, when I read about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Anne Hutchinson, Jesus, or Robin Hood, I’m really reading about myself and… Read more

Maybe the best way to understand that is to think of Graham not as a great thinker or teacher (which he really wasn’t), but as a father figure. Billy Graham is the Daddy of white evangelicalism. Read more

“Your wrath has come, and the time for … rewarding your servants and for destroying those who destroy the earth.” Read more

It’s hard to worry about the Antichrist;s nefarious Master Plan, though, when he can’t even put together a proper seating chart. Read more

Millions were “saved” through Graham’s evangelism — many of them more than once. But if Graham’s evangelism produced converts, we have to ask what it was these folks were converted to. Read more

It’s about allegiance, not facts. He isn’t trying to describe an objective reality; he is proclaiming a subjective reality — proclaiming an identity based on that subjective reality. Read more

I don’t plan on making this a regular monthly feature, but just now we’re in a bit of a temporary crunch with the Slacktivixen out of work for a few weeks. So if you are willing and able to do so, this would be an excellent time to contribute to this site through PayPal. Read more

White evangelicalism, Trump hagiographies, some timely words from Rod Serling, a welcome return, the difficulty of happy love songs, and the unironic enjoyment of nice pop songs. Read more

Something is ch-ch-ch-changing. Someone is giving a damn. And, just by doing so, they’re demonstrating that the powers that be are not quite as invulnerable as they seemed.  Read more

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