October 7, 2018

“Most blessed of women be Jael … She put her hand to the tent-peg, she shattered and pierced his temple.” Read more

October 5, 2018

Adam Serwer and Kristin Du Mez are, yet again, smart. Nathan J. Robinson and Elizabeth Bruenig should be read more than once. Oh, and the late Gregory Peck is still smart, too. Read more

October 5, 2018

Roger Ebert noted that writing two characters who are meant for each other is the easy part of romantic comedy. The hard part is devising a way to keep them apart for an hour and a half without making them seem like idiots. Jenkins here gets both parts wrong. Read more

October 4, 2018

Mark Taylor, Donald Trump, thousands of abusive priests, the bishops that defend them, Paige Patterson, Richard Land, Brett Kavanaugh … God have mercy, men are awful. Read more

October 3, 2018

The key thing here is not that Kavanaugh’s blanket denials were false. The key thing here is the shape that can be discerned beneath the blanket. We know that shape. We’ve seen it before. Read more

October 2, 2018

Hey did you hear about the white evangelical institution that took a positive step toward something less awful, more inclusive, and more just? Oh, wait … never mind. Read more

October 1, 2018

That coincidence of timing was stunning in part because the details of the 2006 crime that Bruenig recounts are remarkably close to the description of the 1982 crime at the center of last week’s Senate hearings. Read more

September 29, 2018

“Deep movie emotions for me usually come not when the characters are sad, but when they are good,” Roger Ebert writes. “You will see what I mean.” Read more

September 26, 2018

If we flatter ourselves by pretending we’re Bonhoeffer, we’ll  probably wind up acting like Niemöller. But if we can face up to the fact that we’re all much more like Niemöller … Read more

September 25, 2018

Remembering the Sabbath — and the Mill Girls and other exploited workers who fought to make it a day of rest against the strenuous objections of wealthy Christian mill owners and church-going legislators in Christian America. Plus: It doesn’t take a 700-word op-ed to explain “Why Donald Trump appeals to” white people who share his sins and nightmares. Read more

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