If you’re reading this blog, you’re almost certainly among those whom Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins believe will be left behind by the Rapture. Realizing that is part of what makes this story so disappointing — why it fails to live up to the promise of its premise. Read more

Women’s lives matter. Women’s lives matter more than men’s rules for moral purity. That is the overarching and underlying theme surrounding every biblical discussion of divorce. Read more

Paige Patterson is a “high-ranking” Baptist official. But “high-ranking Baptist” is an oxymoron. The priesthood of all believers means exactly that: one rank, no hierarchy. Read more

The typewriter-and-overhead-transparency production values of that weird 1989 police advisory can trick us into thinking this is all in the past. It’s not. The Satanic Panic evolved, but it never ended. Read more

Our first glimpse of Nicolae Carpathia shows him standing alongside the least of these, feeding the hungry and comforting what appears to be a group of widows and orphans.In Tim LaHaye’s theology, this clearly marks him as the Antichrist. Read more

This is an old song and an even older story, but the way Johnny Cash tells it here seems pretty timely. The gluttonous king thought he had it pretty good with his concubines and wives and his mighty wall. But then … Read more

Stetzer treats Pressler’s legal jeopardy and Patterson’s views as a PR problem for Southern Baptists. It’s also that, of course. But not only, or even mainly, that. Read more

Would there be another four years before the Rapture and The End? Maybe. Probably. We would be the Class of ’90 in college, and maybe there’d be a ’90. But a ’99? A 2000? That, we had been trained to believe, was less and less likely. Read more

I don’t know exactly what’s going on at Religion News Service, but it seems bad. Some of their best reporters have resigned in protest as the nonprofit’s management does its best imitation of Tronc. Read more

Wadsworth suggests that perhaps one reason that a large portion of white evangelicals enthusiastically support a white nationalist and white supremacist president is because — for centuries — a large portion of white evangelicals have always supported white nationalism and white supremacy: Read more

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