One Sunday when I was a kid, Pastor Stady announced that our church had the opportunity to sponsor a family of “boat people.” And our very white fundie, very white Republican congregation was thrilled to do it. Read more

Same title. Same premise. Very similar End Times check list. But this book barely registered when it was published in 1969. Read more

Mike Pence takes a spectacular swing-and-miss at using the Bible to defend his buddy Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-asylum, anti-family, anti-children policy. Read more

I’ve got your back now. You’d better have mine. Read more

Fea is simply stating how it is, not necessarily how it ought to be. He’s descriptive, where Jeffress is prescriptive. But they’re in agreement on the function of white evangelical abortion politics. Read more

“The people in the past who convinced themselves to do unspeakable things were no less human than you or I. They made their decisions; the only thing that prevents history from repeating itself is making different ones.” Read more

“A Thief in the Night” Thief was relentlessly preachy, but you sensed that these were people who were really trying to save you from hellfire and damnation. “Left Behind” is preachy too, but the point of its sermonizing is that you deserve hellfire and damnation, and the filmmakers are happy about that. Read more

We have become hyper-vigilant about not being perceived as hyper-vigilant. Nothing alarms us more than the possibility of developing a reputation for being alarmist. This does not serve us well. Read more

White evangelicals have some work to do expunging white supremacy and white nationalism from their religion. You’ve likely already guessed why I’ve juxtaposed the two photos here. The analogy is not subtle, but it is also not wrong. Read more

No, “Bull Durham” was not set in the 1960s. North Carolina in the 1960s was too “polite” and “a-political” to allow an integrated baseball team to ride the same bus. Read more

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