‘Perhaps a year, maybe a little more’

Glioblastoma multiforme killed my grandmother. And then, years later, it killed my mother. That’s what this disease does. It kills people. It is, as we keep hearing today in the news, a very “aggressive” form of brain cancer. There is no cure. It is a matter of months. Perhaps a year, but not two. Read more

It’s about to be writ again

Is there life on Mars? Republican House member seeks answers on Mars-ghazi. Plus: Backwards-masking and the P&G rumor; the 1811 pamphleteer who blazed a trail for Charismanews; the Rule of Threes; and another reminder that requiring children to recite a daily loyalty oath is creepy. Read more

‘What made it possible for him to see?’

In an essay on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Stanley Hauerwas asks “What made it possible for him to see the character of the regime Hitler represented when so many others did not?” He looks for an answer in the academic theology Bonhoeffer studied in seminary, but the real answer is to be found several blocks north of there. Read more

Shaking the dust off their feet

In the age of Trump, John Fea writes, many “evangelicals are experiencing a crisis of faith as they look around in their white congregations on Sunday morning and realize that so many fellow Christians were willing to turn a blind eye to all that Trump represents.” And the Rev. Lawrence Ware confirms this, explaining “Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention.” Read more

When gatekeepers attack (first-century edition)

Take a moment to ponder that and to consider the staggering level of hypocrisy and ingratitude it takes for Gentile Christians today to play the role of that circumcision faction. Are we so foolish? Did we experience so much for nothing? Read more

When Christian Gatekeepers Attack

Dave Gushee writes about last week’s Eugene Peterson debacle as someone with first-hand experience of what it’s like “When the evangelical establishment comes after you.” It’s not a pretty story. Read more

Sunday favorites

“Later, when Peter came to Antioch, I had a face-to-face confrontation with him because he was clearly out of line.” Read more

LBCF, No. 143: ‘Care less’

In order to consider such scenes on their own terms — in order to keep turning the pages without throwing this inhuman book against the wall — we end up having to accept Left Behind’s premise that trauma does not traumatize and that human suffering is peripheral, inconsequential and meaningless. This is the book’s great moral theme, its moral instruction. Read more

Eugene Peterson Gets Ciziked

Peterson heard the gatekeepers’ threats and, it seems, he got “The Message.” Read more

We’ll build a wall — and yeast infections will pay for it

Steve King wants to pay for the “border wall” by redirecting funding from Planned Parenthood. That can only mean that the wall will need to be reimbursed for providing affordable health services to anyone who needs them. And if the wall’s reimbursements depend on people being able to get there for its health services, then the border wall will need to be relocated. I like this plan. Read more

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