Well, I spent all day reading the news with slack-jawed astonishment. So right now, I got nothin.’ Looking forward to scoop-o’-clock later tonight. Collude amongst yourselves. Read more

Personal testimonies of toxic Christianity

Rebecca Stott talked with National Public Radio this weekend about her new memoir, In the Days of Rain: A Father, A Daughter, A Cult. The word “cult” is often misapplied, but Stott’s use of it there seems precise and accurate. She was raised in Brighton, England, among the Exclusive Brethren — a horror-show separatist sect that spun off from the Plymouth Brethren in the 19th century. “They believe in the Rapture,” Stott explains. “They believe that they alone will be… Read more

LBCF, No. 142: ‘Cruel to be kind 2’

Rayford is lying about his “physical” interest in Hattie. This is the “woman he had never touched,” the woman he had fetishized like a collector, stringing her along, unopened in the original shrink-wrap packaging. Nothing has changed. He’s still playing the same kinky control game that he’s played all along. Read more

Spring recovery

The PCA’s struggles with their doctrines of male supremacy seem to be tied up with their less-explicit doctrines of white supremacy. I’m looking forward to all of the movie plots we’ll be getting from the Hobby-Lobby-smuggles-artifacts-and-funds-terror story. And perhaps it’s time to speak to supermarket chains about no longer assaulting their customers with the lies of the National Enquirer. Read more

Between revolutions: ‘Take care’

“Here is a secret that is not a secret. Here is a curse that is not a curse. Revolutions are not redemption. They will not save you, just as ours did not save us back in 1896, or 1986, or 2001. It is not that revolutions are useless; it is that they are not enough. …” Read more

Hey, baby, it’s the Fourth of July

Theological musings for Independence Day, from Frederick Douglass and Martina McBride. Plus a parable from my favorite scene in a play by Neil Simon, on his 90th birthday. Read more

Alex Jones & the kitten-burners

On Friday we looked at one of the stranger theories promoted by Alex Jones on his radio/Internet broadcast platform, “Infowars.” Jones — who has been praised, courted, and elevated by his friend President Trump — was one of the loudest promoters of the “Pizzagate” nonsense, which claimed that many prominent Americans belonged to a secret cult of pedophile Satanists abducting children, torturing them sexually and otherwise, then ritually sacrificing them before harvesting their organs. Jones claimed that all of this… Read more

Satanic baby-killers … in spaaaaace!

It’s appropriate to see the humor in this. After all, the same people who claim to believe that NASA is smuggling abducted children to a secret Martian colony also claim that NASA faked the Moon landing. And they also believe “Pizzagate” — which posits that there are child-abduction-sex-slave-blood-harvesting rings in secret tunnels beneath their neighborhood pizza parlors. Why build a colony on Mars if you’ve already got all the pedophilia-and-human-sacrifice you need just down the block? Read more

LBCF, No. 141: ‘Cruel to be kind, 1’

Rayford Steele, in this scene, is divinely guided here to become the ideal evangelist. He has been transformed through prayer into a soul-savin’ mofo with a spirit-led mojo. If readers want to know how to witness/evangelize/proselytize/lead-others-to-a-saving-knowledge-of-Jesus-Christ-as-their-own-personal-Lord-and-Savior, then these pages here are where Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins show them how to do it. Read more

The Defenders of Slavery Taught us How to Bible

Consider the actual mechanism at work in that “Bible debate” over slavery. Consult the concordance and look up passages containing the words “slavery” or “slave.” But don’t look up passages containing the words “kidnap” or “captive” or “rape” or “oppression” or “bondage” or “justice” or “theft” or “wages” or “children.” Read more

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