“Friday” Random Ten

Why? Because American radio has gotten so bad that we're desperate for new ways to find new music. Even if that means reading blog posts that consist of nothing more than some guy hitting shuffle on his iPod and jotting down the first 10 songs that come up (none of which, it turns out today, is less than 10 years old).

Jeffrey Gaines, "Hero in Me"

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "Nobody's Baby Now"

Bjork, "Human Behavior"

Randy Newman, "Political Science"

The Kinks, "Waterloo Sunset"

Lone Justice, "East of Eden"

Tonio K., "Life in the Foodchain"

Radiohead, "Fake Plastic Trees"

Nouvelle Vague, "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again"

Over the Rhine, "The People Here Are Not Shy"

it's kind of like carving the turkey

it's kind of like mowing the lawn …

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  • terry in AZ

    Judging from your top ten, you won’t be interested. But perhaps for some of your readers, let me recommend http://www.jazzandblues.org, a publicly-supported radio station with a great jazz and blues lineup. Plus they have a real-time playlist which is really neat.

  • Hysteria

    You might be interested, but “Waterloo Sunset” was recently covered by the rock group Def Leppard. Sounds pretty good, too.

  • Riggsveda

    Mentioning “Political Science” would be gratifying enough…but to not only mention Tonio K., but give him a quote…? You are a fine and wondrous man, and all good things should be yours in time.

  • Ivytree

    One of my fondest memories is of an occasion about 18 years ago when I was actually walking across Waterloo Bridge at sunset with a friend of mine who’s a musician. Naturally, the beautiful Kinks song was running through my head–and then, spontaneously, my friend began to whistle it.
    Just a few moments in paradise.

  • will

    if you would like some radio that doesn’t suck, try http://www.kexp.org. It is a Seattle listener-supported station that has been rocking it for years. Their DJ’s have personalities, and know how to play music. Check it out.

  • cm

    Oh no! Not Fake Plastic Trees. Now I’m singing it. The horror! The horror!

  • LCGillies

    No one likes us, I don’t know why—
    We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try.
    All around, even our old friends put us down,
    Lets drop the Big One, and see what happens…
    This was released in 1972 or 1973—it still sounds precisely on target.

  • AKMA

    Just because we’re hypnotized, that don’t mean we can’t dance. . . ..