Random 10

the devil appeared like Jesus through the steam on the street
showin' me a hand I knew even the cops couldn't beat

David Bowie, "It's Hard To Be a Saint in the City"
Warren Zevon, "Lawyers, Guns and Money"
Oasis, "Live Forever"
New Order, "Blue Monday"
Steve Taylor, "Hero"
U2, "In God's Country"
Stevie Wonder, "For Once in My Life"
Husker Du, "Love Is All Around"

Polyphonic Spree, "Reach for the Sun"
The Delays, "On"

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  • ajb

    “I went home with a waitress, the way I always do.”

  • Ranjan

    RIP Warren.
    You know, I’ve always liked the Bowie cover of “Saint”. But my wife, one of the original Springsteen fans (beginning c. 1976) has always disagreed with me. I’m curious, Fred: in your opinion, what about the cover is better than the original?
    Problem is, the more I listen to Springsteen’s original, the more I feel that Bowie’s version is a pale imitation.

  • Friday Random Ten XIX(words that scream for your submission)

    I wasn’t going to deviate from the usual random routine, but I was listening and realized that some of this week’s selections have really quotable lines. So now I’m stealing from Bob and pairing each song with a quote that occurs in the lyrics. Everybo…

  • Scott Lemieux

    Best Friday Random 10 ever! ;)

  • Steve

    it’s a nice-boy notion that the real world’s gonna destroy
    you know
    it’s a Marvel comicbook Saturday matinee fairytale, boy
    Growing older you’ll find that illusions are brought
    and the idol you thought you’d be was just another zero
    I wanna be a hero
    Heroes died when the squealers bought ’em off
    died when the dealers got ’em off
    welcome to the “in it for the money as an idol” show
    when they ain’t as big as life
    when they ditch their second wife
    where’s the boy to go?
    gotta be a hero