Random 10

All I ever wanted was a good job and some busfare
And a rocket.
And a bomb. …

Mark Heard, "I'm Looking Through You"
The Replacements, "We'll Inherit the Earth"
Mike Knott, "Rocket and a Bomb"
Todd Snider, "Conservative Christian, Right-wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males"
Elvis Costello, "Everyday I Write the Book"
Lone Justice, "Belfry"
Norah Jones, "Crazy"

The Dickies, "Banana Splits Theme"
The Shins, "New Slang"
Macy Gray, "I Try"

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  • Tim Lehnerer

    Heck yeah! The Dickies!

  • laiq

    Mike Knott fucking rules.

  • Andrew Cory

    It’s monday, something seems to have been left behind…

  • Ray

    The play is on for another couple of weeks, so blogging will probably be light. But don’t worry – there’s a really, really interesting discussion going on in the They get letters thread.

  • larry p

    Um, Ray, which discussion is interesting? The irrational finger pointing of the “all Israelis are evil all the time” vs. the “all Palestinians are evil all the time” thread? I got tired of that back in the early 70s and it seems to me that none of these people have grown up in the interim.
    Or is it the thread about prison abuse with Scott, whose modus opperandi is to find a contrarian nit to pick in every post and to uphold that the only moral belief that protects public interest is unbridled self interest, and that anyone who disagrees is a self-serving liar.
    All that being said, I live for the LB posts *and* the ensuing discussions. Fred, some of your readers are amazing characters. I wish I were less than a seven-hour drive from Philly so that I could see your play.

  • Ray

    I wasn’t being entirely serious.

  • Adam Young

    I was wondering what to listen to this morning – I think I’ll listen to Mike Knott (A Rocket And A Bomb and Strip Cycle) and L.S.U. (The Grape Prophet and Grace Shaker). Thanks for inspiring me!