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Because you folks have better musical taste than I do, and because I keep finding great new songs (and great old songs) by doing this, and because I have rehearsal all afternoon and work all evening and won't get to Left Behind until tomorrow, sorry, and because the last two posts were about stem cell research and heated debate isn't the best way to easy into the weekend. And because it's Friday. Here's the next alphabetical list (this one is considerably longer than 10 songs — think of it as a Friday 10 plus 15 "bonus" picks).

Tell me what I'm missing:

"Don't Be Cruel," Elvis Presley
"Don't Dream It's Over," Crowded House
"Don't Ever Fall in Love With Someone (When You're Already in Love With Someone Else)," Green
"Don't Explain," Billie Holiday
"Don't Fence Me In," David Byrne
"Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace and Love)," Cracker

"Don't Get Around Much Any More," Nat King Cole
"Don't Get Me Wrong," The Pretenders
"Don't Give Up," Peter Gabriel
"Don't Go," Kasey Chambers
"Don't Go," Matthew Sweet
"Don't I Hold You," Wheat
"Don't Know Why," Norah Jones
"Don't Let It Bring You Down," Annie Lennox
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," Elvis Costello
"Don't Let Me Down," Stereophonics
"Don't Let Me Explode," The Hold Steady
"Don't Make Me Dream About You," Chris Isaak
"Don't Talk," 10,000 Maniacs
"Don't Talk Back," Kasey Chambers
"Don't Tango With the Freak Show," Don McCloskey
"Don't Toss Us Away," Lone Justice
"Don't Worry Baby," The Beach Boys
"Don't You Forget About Me," Simple Minds

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  • Luna

    “Don’t Be Afraid, I’ve Just Come to Say Goodbye,” Spider
    “Don’t Cry,” Guns’N’Roses
    “Don’t Ever Fucking Question That,” Atmosphere
    “Don’t Explain,” Billie Holliday
    “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” Gus Black (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
    “Don’t Give Up,” Peter Gabriel
    “Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas,” Tori Amos
    “Don’t Need a Gun,” Billy Idol
    “Don’t Save Me,” Marit Larsen
    “Don’t Stop,” Fleetwood Mac
    “Don’t Stop,” Rolling Stones
    “Don’t Stop Believing,” Journey
    “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” Bob Dylan
    “Don’t You Want Me,” Human League
    Lotta arena rock in there. Kind of embarrassing, or would be if I didn’t absolutely love, you know, Journey, and didn’t have approximately 200 Rolling Stones songs on my iPod. Sigh. So much for being cool. At least there’s some awesome indie-flavored stuff (the intensely lo-fi Spider, the yummily pop Marit Larsen, and the charmingly offbeat hip-hop Atmosphere, all three of which I recommend highly).

  • Indiana Joe

    Don’t Ask Me Why Billy Joel
    Don’t Blame Me Charlie Parker
    Don’t Bring Me Down Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    Don’t Chu-Know Jimmy Buffett
    Don’t Come Around Here No More Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    Don’t Do Me Like That Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    Don’t Fence Me In Ella Fitzgerald (Cole Porter)
    Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight James Taylor
    Don’t Lie To Me Mike Bloomfield
    Don’t Look Away The Who
    Don’t Start Me Talkin’ James Cotton
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers seem to be disproportionally represented here. I’m not sure why. I only have 2 albums.

  • Matt

    Don’t Change Your Plans – Ben Folds Five
    Don’t Leave the Light on Baby – Belle & Sebastian
    Don’t Tell Them You’re Sane – The Jam
    Don’t Panic – Coldplay
    Don’t Have to Be So Sad – Yo La Tengo

  • Steve

    Don’t Steal Our Sun – The Thrills
    Don’t You Want Me – The Human League
    Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra

  • Axiomatic

    Why go for Blue Oyster Cult covers when you could listen to their version of Don’t Fear The Reaper?

  • Matthew

    Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Roger Daltrey
    Don’t Stand So Close To Me – The Police
    Don’t Take Your Guns To Town – Johnny Cash
    Don’t Damn Me – Guns N’ Roses
    Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis
    Don’t Lose My Number – Phil Collins
    Don’t Speak – No Doubt

  • Beth

    Let’s not forget that Leonard Cohen classic, “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On”.

  • Kari

    Don’t Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed – Mum (Finally We Are No One)
    Don’t Forget About Delight – Bruce Cockburn (You’ve Never Seen Everything)
    Don’t Get Your Back Up – Sarah Harmer (You Were Here)
    Don’t Give Up The Fight – The Magic Numbers (The Magic Numbers)
    Don’t Go Down – Elliott Smith (From A Basement On The Hill)
    Don’t Stop – The Stone Roses (The Stone Roses)
    Don’t Wait – Buddy Miller (Universal United House of Prayer)
    Don’t You Fall – The Be Good Tanyas (Blue Horse)

  • Ian

    Don’t Let’s Start – They Might Be Giants

  • Evan

    Don’t Believe in Christmas – Pearl Jam
    Don’t Gimmie No Lip – Pearl Jam
    Don’t Follow – Alice in Chains
    Don’t Call me a Fool – Charlie Robison

  • drinkcoffee

    “Don’t Bother Me”, the Beatles
    “Don’t Let Me Down”, the Beatles
    “Don’t Pass Me By”, the Beatles

  • Luna

    I have the Blue Oyster Cult original on a CD, and in the seven months since I got an iPod I have been too busy loading it up with new music and stuff I only had in mp3 to get around to adding most of my random collection.
    Kari–Yay, Sarah Harmer!

  • Drew Johnston

    Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down – The Toasters

  • Steve

    Don’t, This Way – The Seventy-Sevens

  • Drew Johnston

    Couple more I drummed up:
    Don’t Forget – Del the Funkee Homosapien
    Don’t Make Me Pay For His Mistakes – B. B. King
    Don’t You Lie To Me – B. B. King
    Don’t Do It No More – Bo Carter
    Don’t Cry, Baby – Lonnie Johnson
    (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville – R.E.M.

  • James

    Don’t Ask Why – Neil Finn – One Nil
    Don’t Bang The Drum – The Waterboys – The Secret Life Of The Waterboys
    Don’t Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed – Múm – Finally We Are No One
    Don’t Be Scared There Is A Savior – Joel Pickell – Krismus Karuls
    Don’t Believe Anything I say – Graham Coxon – Love Travels At Illegal Speeds
    Don’t Breathe – Duke Special – Duke Special
    Don’t Call Me Red – Ry Cooder – Chavez Ravine
    Don’t Get Lost In Heaven – Gorillaz – Demon Days
    Don’t Get Your Back Up – Sarah Harmer – You Were Here
    Don’t Give Up The Fight – The Magic Numbers – The Magic Numbers
    Don’t Go – Nouvelle Vague – Bande A Part
    Don’t Go Down – Elliott Smith – From A Basement On A Hill
    Don’t Go Into The Barn – Tom Waits – Real Gone
    Don’t Look Back – Teenage Fanclub – Grand Prix
    Don’t Stop – The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses
    Don’t Sweat It – The Soft Drugs – In Moderation
    Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) – The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
    Don’t Understand – Calamateur – Tiny Pushes Vol. 2
    I also posted the list on my blog (there should be a trackback) with links for each artist and album.

  • Bugmaster

    Don’t Turn Around – Ace of Base
    What ? What ? *runs away*

  • Eva-Lise Carlstrom

    Don’t Put it Down (from Hair)

  • Amanda

    Don’t Go Away — Toad the Wet Sprocket

  • Gustaf Erikson

    Don’t let us get sick — Warren Zevon

  • Andrew Hickey

    Someone you might like to try (can’t remember any songs of his that start Don’t) is Jake Thackray. I’ve explained why he was great on my LJ, but briefly, he was folky, clever and melodic, and with a sensibility that reminds me of this blog – someone with a real love of life, an earthy sense of humour, and a religious faith that let him write some of the best religious songs ever (The Country Boy, Remember Bethlehem) but still poke fun at his own religion. An example of his lyrics should tell you everything you need to know about him:
    There may be better-cooking, better-looking women,
    Better-slung and better at buns than you.
    And if I were a man for simple things,
    Like flawless skin and bigger dinners,
    My dearest, I might have no more to do with you.
    But you know well enough that I am much more choosy.
    I want day-to-day to find myself with you.
    With the cheek-to-cheek, the tooth and claw,
    The milk and honey and the bread and water,
    Dearest, I want everything to do with you.
    A marriage is supposed to go like happy-ever-after clockwork,
    Marking time with a regular chime of “I love you!”
    But there are days enough when the love is racked and pinioned,
    Which nobody else knows better than we two do.
    There may be better-read and better bed-time women,
    Eruditer wives at night than you.
    And if I were the simple sort of bloke
    For Kierkegaarde and Kant and cocoa
    Dearest, I would have no more to do with you.
    But there’s no such dependably stupendous woman,
    Up to the scratch, no match, not a patch on you.
    And eye to eye, or toe to toe,
    Kiss for kiss and blow for blow,
    My dearest, I want every thing to do with you.
    A marriage is supposed to go like happy-ever-after clockwork,
    Marking time with a regular chime of “I love you too!”
    But there are days enough when the love keeps coming and coming,
    Which nobody else knows better than we two do.
    There may be smoother-moving, tongue-and-grooving women.
    Better-spoken, shorter strokers than you.
    But they’ve all got, as like as not,
    A lot better taste in men than you’ve got.
    Dearest, I shall have to just make do with you.
    There’s no such one-caress-and-leave-me-breathless woman,
    No such tender, godsend friend as you.
    And not now and then, nor if and whether,
    But time and again for ever and ever,
    My dearest, I want everything to do with you.

  • cminus

    My obsessive-compulsive side always comes out with these. Ten recommendations, then everything else that fits within the range and isn’t on Fred’s list.
    1. “Don’t Forget To Dance,” The Kinks
    2. “Don’t Know Why (You Stay),” The Essex Green
    3. “Don’t Leave Me Now,” Pink Floyd
    4. “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” The Animals
    5. “Don’t Let’s Start,” They Might Be Giants
    6. “Don’t Marry Her,” The Beautiful South
    7. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me,” The Police
    8. “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Queen
    9. “Don’t Touch My Sister,” Pat McCurdy
    10. “Don’t Wait Another Day,” Pat McCurdy
    A lot of embarassments among today’s runners-up.
    “Don’t,” Elvis Presley; “Don’t Ask Me,” Pat McCurdy; “Don’t Ask Why,” The Urge; “Don’t Be Cruel,” Cheap Trick; “Don’t Bother Me,” The Beatles; “Don’t Cry,” Asia; “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone,” Glass Tiger; “Don’t Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy,” Ween; “Don’t Give Up,” Chicane; “Don’t Go,” Yaz; “Don’t Go [Club Remix],” Yaz; “Don’t Let Me Down,” The Beatles; “Don’t Let Me Go,” Michael Penn; “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down,” The Toasters; “Don’t Look Back,” Boston; “Don’t Look Back,” Luscious Jackson; “Don’t Lose Your Head,” Queen; “Don’t Pass Me By,” The Beatles; “Don’t Stop,” Fleetwood Mac; “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” Night Ranger; “Don’t Think Of Me,” Dido; “Don’t Touch Me There,” The Tubes; “Don’t Wake Me Up,” Pat McCurdy; “Don’t Wanna Be Here,” Cool For August; “Don’t Wanna Be The One,” Midnight Oil; “Don’t Wear Those Shoes,” Weird Al Yankovic.
    As a Blue Oyster Cult purist, I have four versions of “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.”

  • John Robinson

    “Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing”, Nina Simone

  • matt

    Wait, nobody’s thrown out
    “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” By the Crue?

  • Andrew Hickey

    Also, I second Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) – one of the most gorgeous songs ever written. Also
    Don’t Be That Way – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
    Don’t – Elvis Presley
    Don’t Go – Yazoo
    Don’t Look Back – Temptations
    Don’t Look Back (same song as above) – Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger
    Don’t Let Her Know She’s An Angel – Brian Wilson
    Don’t Be Careless Love – Paul McCartney
    Don’t Go Near The Water – The Beach Boys
    Don’t Make Me Over – Dionne Warwick
    Don’t Make Me Over (cover of the above) – Swingin’ Blue Jeans
    Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Stage Mrs Worthington – Noel Coward
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough – The Jacksons
    Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me – Glenn Miller
    Don’t Sleep In The Subway – Petula Clark
    Don’t You Just Know It? – Professor Longhair
    Don’t You Just Know It? (cover of the above) – Brian Wilson & Jan Berry
    Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow – Frank Zappa
    Don’t Marry Her (Fuck Me) – The Beautiful South
    Don’t Smoke In Bed – k d lang
    And one you should not listen to if you value your ears – Don’t Cry Daddy – Elvis Presley

  • julia

    This is my home don’t list (like most of us, I have a more extensive collection at work)
    Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight James Taylor
    Don’t Take My Coconuts Kid Creole & the Coconuts
    Don’t Be Cruel Elvis Presley
    Don’t Do Me Like That Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
    Don’t Fence Me In Roy Rogers & Sons of Pioneers
    Don’t Stand So Close to Me Police
    Don’t Fall Back Again Josh Rouse/Kurt Wagner
    Don’t Touch Josephine Baker
    Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright Indigo Girls/Joan Baez
    Don’t Rock The Boat The Hues Corporation
    Don’t Pull Your Love Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
    Don’t Fence Me In David Byrne
    Don’t Get Around Much Anymore Bobby Darin
    Don’t Rock The Boat Bob Marley
    Don’t Think Twice Bob Dylan
    Don’t Fence Me In Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters
    Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Elton John/Kiki Dee
    Don’t Worry Baby Beach Boys

  • Theo

    “Don’t Ask Why”, the Replacements
    “Don’t Bring Me Down”, the Pretty Things
    “Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight”, Bob Dylan
    “Don’t Give Me No Lip, Child”, the Sex Pistols
    “Don’t Go”, the Ramones
    “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”, Bob Dylan
    “Don’t Wanna Be Your Pal”, the Humpers
    “Don’t Ya Tell Henry”, the Band

  • Theo

    “Don’t Go Away”, the Runaways
    “(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down”, Motörhead
    “(Don’t Need) Religion”, Motörhead

  • julia

    hey, forgot:
    I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby Dolly Parton
    Big Girls Don’t Cry Four Seasons
    Since I Don’t Have You The Skyliners
    Baby Please don’t Go Van Morrison
    Mama Don’t Allow Austin Lounge Lizards
    I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon Sesame Street
    If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right Millie Jackson
    If loving you i don’t want to be Luther Ingram-
    You Don’t Know Me Eva Cassidy
    It Don’t Mean a Thing Ella Fitzgerald
    You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me Dusty Springfield
    It Don’t Mean a Thing Duke Ellington/Rosemary Clooney
    Since I Don’t Have You Brian Setzer
    I Don’t Want To Be Alone Billy Joel

  • Stephen

    don’t even sing about it – The Books
    Don’t Let it Get You Down – Spoon
    Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby – Islands
    Don’t Cry – Seal
    Don’t Love You – TV on the Radio
    and it’s doesn’t really stand on it’s own, but It’s worth mentioning:
    Don’t Deconstruct – Rilo Kiley

  • wintermute

    (Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind You Down – Motrhead
    (Don’t Need) Religion – Motrhead
    Don’t Be Afraid – Love/Hate
    Don’t Fuck With Me – Love/Hate <– Best song starting with "Don't" ever.
    Don't Go – Hothouse Flowers
    Don't Let Us Get Sick – Warren Zevon
    Don't Lose Your Head – Queen
    Don't Tread on Me – Metallica
    Don't You Ever Let Me Down – The Crack

  • Duane

    I’m still on a disco kick so..
    Don’t Rock The Boat – Hues Corporation
    Don’t Leave Me This Way – Thelma Houston
    Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Santa Esmerelda
    Don’t Stop Til Ya Get Enough – Michael Jackson

  • Mr. Bil

    did any one get “Don’t Change the Earth”, INXS and “Don’t eat Yellow Snow”, F. Zappa…

  • The Don’ts

    For the past few weeks I’ve been responding to Fred at Slacktivist’s requests that his readers select a particular section…

  • Emma Goldman

    Both the Warren Zevon version of “Don’t Let Us Get Sick” and the cover by Jill Sobule on “Enjoy Every Sandwich” are good.
    Also: “Don’t Look Back”–Srpingsteen

  • twig

    “Don’t Let the Man Get you Down” – Fatboy Slim

  • spluffer

    Don’t Be Sad – Dwight Yoakam
    Don’t Cry No Tears – Neil Young
    Don’t Do It – The Band
    Don’t Forget Me – Harry Nilsson
    Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones
    Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down – Dave Alvin
    Don’t Mess up a Good Thing – Ry Cooder
    Don’t Push – Sublime
    Don’t Set Me Free – Ray Charles
    Don’t Take Me Alive – Steely Dan
    Don’t Throw Your Love On Me So Strong – Albert King
    Don’t Want You No More – The Allman Brothers Band
    Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing – Frank Zappa

  • Louis

    Don’t Ask Me Why – The Eurythmics
    Don’t Lets Start – They Might Be Giants
    Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice – Morrissey
    Don’t Wear Those Shoes – “Weird Al” Yankovic

  • mart

    “Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost”, Bobby Bare Jr.
    “Don’t Forget to Breathe”, Beulah.
    “Don’t Let it Show”, The Alan Parsons Project.
    “Don’t Talk About My Music”, Violent Femmes.
    “Don’t Want You No More”, Mano Negra.

  • Laertes

    Don’t Leave – Faithless

  • Evan

    “Don’t Go Home”, Kirsty MacColl
    “Don’t Have To Tell You Why”, Bruce Cockburn
    “Don’t Leave Me Now”, Pink Floyd
    “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”, Neil Young
    “Don’t Let Me Down”, The Beatles
    “Don’t Pass Me By”, The Beatles
    “Don’t Pity Me”, The Foremen
    “Don’t Renege on Our Love”, Lucy Kaplansky
    “Don’t Sleep With Your Ex”, Romanovsky & Phillips
    “Don’t Speak”, No Doubt
    “Don’t Stop Me Now”, Queen
    “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)”, The Beach Boys
    “Don’t Turn Your Back”, Blue Öyster Cult
    “Don’t Use Your Penis For A Brain”, Romanovsky & Phillips
    “Don’t You Think Too Much”, Greg Brown
    “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville”, REM
    “(Don’t Go To The) Surf Bowl”, Deth Specula

  • Tim Lehnerer

    “Don’t Dictate” / The Penetrations
    “Don’t Hang Up” by the Orlons
    “Don’t Throw my Love Away” / Rodd Keith
    “Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O” / Lonnie Donnegan (also covered by the Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo on JOE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH v.1)
    “Don’t You Knock On My Door” / Billie Davis (covered by Sue Moreno on JOE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH v.2)

  • Ray

    Don’t Fence Me In – David Byrne
    Don’t Get Lost in Heaven – Gorillaz
    Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel
    Don’t Go – Hothouse Flowers
    Don’t Go Down – Elliott Smith
    Don’t Leave the Light On, Baby – Belle and Sebastian
    Don’t Marry Her – The Beautiful South
    Don’t Panic – Coldplay
    Don’t Stop – Stone Roses
    Don’t Worry About the Government – Talking Heads

  • Todd Larason

    Some gems not already mentioned:
    (Don’t Make Me) Nervous – Figures on a Beach
    Don’t Take Me Down – Pretty and Twisted (Johnette Napolitano project while Concrete Blonde was split up)
    Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness – The Heads (Talking Heads without David Byrne)
    Don’t Be a Lemming Polka – kd lang
    The rest of my matching collection not already mentioned:
    Don’t Abort that Baby – Dead Milkmen (x2)
    Don’t Ask Why – My Bloody Valentine
    Don’t Bring Me Down – Harvey & The Wallbangers
    Don’t Call it Love – Dolly Parton
    Don’t Change – INXS
    Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Madonna
    Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Sinead O’Connor (x2)
    Don’t Deny Your Inner Child – Dead Milkmen
    Don’t Drop the Baby – The Judybats
    Don’t Ever Change – Jesus & Mary Chain
    Don’t Ever Leave Me – Patsy Cline
    Don’t Ever Major in Physics – Tom Lehrer
    Don’t Fence Me In – David Byrne
    Don’t Forget This Son – The Carter Family
    Don’t Go – Ganymede (Yaz cover)
    Don’t Go – Spray (Yaz cover)
    Don’t Go Home with Your Hard-On – David McComb (Leonard Cohen cover)
    Don’t Kill for Love – Lords of Acid (x2)
    Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones
    Don’t Leave Home – Dido
    Don’t Leave Me Now – Luther Wright & the Wrongs (Pink Floyd country cover)
    Don’t Leave Me Now – Roger Waters (Post-Floyd)
    Don’t Leave Me This Way – Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
    Don’t Let Him Waste Your time – Nancy Sinatra
    Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Santa Esmealda
    Don’t Let Me Down – No Doubt
    Don’t Let it Get You Down – Fine Young Cannibals
    Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You – Rosie Ledet
    Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your eyes – kd lang
    Don’t Look Away – Magnetic Fields
    Don’t Look Back – Fine Young Cannibals
    Don’t Lose Your Head – INXS
    Don’t Make Me Go – Johnny Cash (x2)
    Don’t Mean Nothing – Nancy Sinatra
    Don’t Mess with Orgasmatron – DJ Earworm
    Don’t Pray on Me – Bad Religion
    Don’t Pretend – Gordon Gano
    Don’t Say No – Tom Tom Club
    Don’t Say Nothing – Patti Smith
    Don’t Slander Me – Lou Ann Barton
    Don’t Start Me on the Liquor – Violent Femmes
    Don’t Stop – Madonna
    Don’t Take Five (Take What You Want) – KLF (x2)
    Don’t Talk for Me – Bill Hicks
    Don’t Tell Me – Blancmange
    Don’t Tell Me – Madonna
    Don’t Think What Jack – Man or Astro-Man?
    Don’t Touch too Much – Benny Benassi
    Don’t Worry About the Government – Talking Heads
    Don’t You (Forget About Me) – AM
    Don’t You Think? – Natalie Imbruglia
    Don’t be Lonely – Quarterflash

  • Ian Mathers

    Don’t Be Long – The Walkmen
    Don’t Be Scared – ARE Weapons
    Don’t Bomb When You’re The Bomb – Blur
    Don’t Call Me Baby – Client
    Don’t Come Close – The Ramones
    Don’t Drop The Baby – Low
    Don’t Falter – Mint Royale
    Don’t Flake Out On Me – Hefner
    Don’t Fool With The Dips – A-Trak
    Don’t Give Up Giving Up – Alto45
    Don’t Hold Your Breath – Calla
    Don’t Mix Your Drinks – Elbow
    Don’t Need A Drum – Teenage Fanclub
    Don’t Save Us From The Flames – M83
    Don’t Stare – Pilate
    Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles – The Sundowners
    Don’t Tell The Horses The Stable’s on Fire – Bear Vs. Shark
    Don’t Think Of Collapse – A Northern Chorus
    Don’t Understand – Low
    Don’t Worry About Me – Joey Ramone
    In my pursuit of only posting songs nobody else already has, I was extremely chagrined/impressed that beth had already mentioned Leonard Cohen’s “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On”…
    Also, at some point when I wasn’t looking, 40(!) songs starting with “Don’t” made it onto my iTunes.

  • zalm

    (Admittedly, I haven’t tried to avoid duplicates with any of the lists left in the comments section.)
    “Don’t Break” – September 67
    “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” – Islands
    “Don’t Change Your Plans” – Ben Folds Five
    “Don’t Drop the Baby” – The Judybats
    “Don’t Forget About Delight” – Bruce Cockburn
    “Don’t Forget About Me” – Nanci Griffith
    “Don’t Get Your Back Up” – Sarah Harmer
    “Don’t Go (Giving Your Love Away)” – Sonia Dada
    “Don’t Have to Be So Sad” – Yo La Tengo
    “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” – Santa Esmeralda
    “Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down” – The Toasters
    “Don’t Let’s Start” – They Might Be Giants
    “Don’t Look for Me” – Jeffrey Foucault
    “Don’t Marry Her” – The Beautiful South
    “Don’t Take Your Love Away” – Jennifer Kimball
    “Don’t Talk to Her at Night” – Marc Cohn
    “Don’t Try” – Built to Spill
    “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” – Joan Baez feat. Indigo Girls
    “Don’t Wait Too Long” – Madeleine Peyroux
    “Don’t Want to Be a Part of Your World” – David Byrne

  • Josh

    Richard Thompson:
    “Don’t Renege on Our Love”
    “Don’t Tempt Me”
    “Don’t Let a Thief Steal into Your Heart”
    “Don’t Sit on my Jimmy Shands”
    Patty Larkin:

  • Julia

    “Don’t Answer Me”, Alan Parsons Project

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