I Wanna, I Want

I wanna be in fifth grade again
I wanna worry about poison ivy
I wanna worry 'bout getting beat up after school
I want to send you a note

"I Wanna Be Sedated," The Ramones
"I Wanna Be Your Lover," Prince
"I Wanna Buy You a Ring," Huffamoose
"I Wanna Get Married," Nellie McKay
"I Wanna Roo You," Van Morrison
"I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl," Nina Simone

"I Want Everything," Cracker
"I Want to Be a Clone," Steve Taylor
"I Want You Back," Hoodoo Gurus
"I Wanted to Tell You," Matthew Sweet

Analog omission: "I Want You to Want Me," Cheap Trick

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  • cjmr’s husband

    Wanna B UR Lover, Weird Al Yankovic. Much better than Prince’s.

  • wanderingoutlaw

    “I Wanna Be Your Lover” Bob Dylan
    “I Want Candy” Bow Wow Wow
    “I Want You” Bob Dylan

  • Wednesday White

    What, no “I Want Never Gets” by Michael Roe?

  • Julia

    I Wanna Be A Cowboy – Boys Don’t Cry
    I Wanna Go Back To Dixie – Tom Lehrer
    I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas – Gayla Peevey
    I Want A Horse – Linda Ronstadt/Wendy Waldman
    I Want A Lover – Pet Shop Boys
    I Want It Back – Shawn Colvin
    I Want More – Chumbawumba
    I Want To Hold Your Hand – John Bayless, _Bach on Abbey Road_
    I Want To Wake Up – Pet Shop Boys
    I Want You (She’s So Heavy) – The Beatles

  • Ray

    I Wanna Be Adored – Stone Roses
    I Want to Hold Your hand – Beatles
    I Want to Tell You – Beatles
    I Want You – Elvis Costello
    I Want you – (Beatles)

  • Bruce in South Florida

    I Want To Break Free – Queen

  • Michael Knepher

    I Wanna Be Adored – Stone Roses
    I Wanna Go Home – Van Morrison, Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber
    I Wanna See You Again – Violent Femmes
    I Want A Little Girl – R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders
    I Want More – Dexter Gordon
    I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart – The White Stripes
    I Want To Be There (When You Come) – Echo & The Bunnymen
    I Want To Hold Your Hand – Al Green
    I Want To Sing That Rock and Roll – Gillian Welch
    I Want To Talk About You – John Coltrane
    I Want To Tell You – The Beatles
    I Wanted To Be Alone – Sam Philips

  • indecisive

    “I Want You to Want Me” – Letters to Cleo’s cover version (I’ve actually never heard the Cheap Trick version)

  • Todd Larason

    The Beatles, Tom Lehrer, the Violent Femmes, Depeche Mode…this is a pretty good block
    “I Wanna Be Your Friend Again”, Concrete Blonde
    “I Wanna Be Your Man”, The Beatles
    “I Wanna Go Back to Dixie”, Tom Lehrer (x4)
    “I Wanna Know”, Violent Femmes
    “I Wanna Live”, Ramones
    “I Wanna Roo You”, Van Morrison
    “I Wanna See You Again”, Violent Femmes
    “I Wanna Touch Your Soul”, Benny Benassi
    “I Wanna be Around”, Soundtracks
    “I Wanna be Sedated”, The Ramones
    “I Want Candy”, Bow Wow Wow
    “I Want Everything”, Cracker
    “I Want It All”, Depeche Mode
    “I Want To Wake Up”, Pet Shop Boys
    “I Want Tomarrow”, Enya
    “I Want You Now”, Depeche Mode (x5)
    “I Want You”, Bob Dylan (x2)
    “I Want You”, The Beatles
    “I Want Your Love”, Kelis
    “I Want Your World to Turn”, Heart
    “I Want Your”, Sinead O’Connor
    “I Want a Lover”, Pet Shop Boys
    “I Want an Affair”, The Kleptones
    “I Want it All”, Depeche Mode (x8)
    “I Want it All”, Queen
    “I Want it All”, The Eurythmics
    “I Want to Break Free”, Queen
    “I Want to Come Over”, Melissa Etheridge
    “I Want to Enlarge My Cock”, Trunk
    “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, The Beatles (x2)
    “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, Trunk
    “I Want to Live”, Talking Heads
    “I Want to Take You Higher”, Ike and Tina Turner
    “I Want to Tell You”, The Beatles
    “I Want to be Loved by You”, Sinead O’Connor
    “I Want to be the Boy to Warm Your Mother’s Heart”, The White Stripes
    “I Wanted to Tell Her”, Ministry

  • Thlayli

    “I Wanna Destroy You”, Circle Jerks

  • Emma Goldman

    “I Wanna Be Sedated” is one of the all-time great songs–and the story behind it makes it even better. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Wanna_Be_Sedated
    So is Elvis’ “I Want You.”
    And, for the songs after wanting, “I Was in the House When the House Burned Down,” by Warren Zevon.

  • spluffer

    I Wanna Be Loved – Jimmy Reed
    I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones
    I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
    I Wanna Teach You Everything – John Mayall
    I Want To Be Your Driver – Chuck Berry
    I Want To Have A Word With You – Howlin’ Wolf
    I Want To Hear It From You – Junior Brown
    I Want to Know – Jimmy Dawkins
    I Want To Know – Living Colour
    I Want To Take You Higher – Sly & The Family Stone
    I Want You Right Now – MC5
    I Want You to Want Me – Dwight Yoakam
    I Want You, Too – Beat Farmers

  • Ian Mathers

    I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone – Sleater-Kinney
    I Wanna Dance Wit’choo – Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes
    I Wanna Make A Super-Sonic Woman of You – Burning Star Core
    I Want Some – The Make-Up
    I Want To Be Straight – Ian Dury & The Blockheads
    I Want To Go Everywhere – Royal City
    I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight – Richard & Linda Thompson
    I Want U – Basement Jaxx
    I Want You – Elastica
    Only nine that no-one else had, so bonus Ramones track: “I Just Want To Have Something To Do.”

  • Steve

    Is there a better band name than “Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes”
    Another great I’ve heard is “King James and the Concordances”
    Anyway, here are a couple:
    I Want You So Bad, Heart
    I Want To Take You Higher, Sly and the Family Stone
    I Want A New Drug – Huey Lewis and The News

  • Susie from Philly

    I Want A Pigfoot (And A Bottle of Beer) – Nina Simone
    I Want to Be Seduced – Leon Redbone
    I Want To Hear What You Got To Say – The Subways
    I Wanna Be Free – The Monkees
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

  • cminus

    A fair amount today:
    “I Wanna Be A Cowboy,” Boys Don’t Cry
    “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” The Stooges
    “I Wanna Be Your Man,” The Beatles
    “I Wanna Go Back To Dixie,” Tom Lehrer
    “I Wanna Live,” The Ramones
    “I Want,” Dayna Manning
    “I Want A New Duck,” Weird Al Yankovic
    “I Want A Woman Just Like You,” Pat McCurdy
    “I Want It All,” Queen
    “I Want Money,” Pat McCurdy
    “I Want More,” Chumbawamba
    “I Want Some,” The Beastie Boys
    “I Want To Be A Cholo,” Manic Hispanic
    “I Want To Be Rich,” Shift
    “I Want To Be There (When You Come),” Echo And The Bunnymen
    “I Want To Break Free,” Queen
    “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” The Beatles
    “I Want To Know,” Living Colour
    “I Want To Tell You,” The Beatles
    “I Want You,” Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead
    “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” The Beatles
    “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You,” Elvis Presley
    “I Want You To Want Me,” Cheap Trick
    “I Wanted Everything,” The Ramones
    There’s a lot of good Beatles songs in that mix, and the Stooges, Ramones and Echo And The Bunnymen tracks are highly recommended if you like that sort of thing. Queen is also a musical mainstay, and “I Want It All” is probably the best song from their late period. But these are all obvious choices; the real recommendations are Dayna Manning, Chumbawamba and Living Colour. Dayna Manning is in rare form on “I Want” (a live track), Chumbawamba makes it clear that they were a lot more than “Tubthumping” and Living Colour is one of the most underrated bands ever. “I Want Money” is also worth a listen, for the clever and lighthearted way it doubles back on itself from boastful to insecure.
    At the other end, stay away from the Dylan And The Dead version of “I Want You.” It should have been great, but it came out a big disappointment. Bob and the boys just weren’t on that night, I guess.

  • cminus

    Error above: that should be the Letters To Cleo version of “I Want You To Want Me.” I’ve got both.
    As for band names, my two favorites from my collection are Man Or Astro-Man? and Springheel Jack, but I think this is because I caught the references, and they’re references which suggest that someone in the band shares a less-than-common interest with me. Tears For Beers is another odd name, especially considering I think they’re supposed to be a serious band.

  • Theo

    “I Wanna Be Your Lover”, Bob Dylan
    “I Wanna Be Me”, the Sex Pistols
    “I Wanna Be Loved”, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers
    “I Want Candy”, the Strangeloves (and Bow Wow Wow)
    “I Want You Around”, the Ramones
    “I Want Your Body”, Full Metal Jacketz

  • Thlayli

    Is there a better band name than “Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes”
    “Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem” … if it were a real band and not a Muppet Show sketch.
    My favorite name for an actual band is “The Flying Burrito Brothers”.

  • Dubiousraves

    I Wanna Find Me a Woman Who’ll Hold My Big Toe Until I Have to Go — Captain Beefheart

  • Dubiousraves

    I Want Your Sex — George Michael

  • none

    I Wanna Friday Left Behind Post – Slacktivist Fan Club Group Chorus

  • wintermute

    Has no-one yet mentioned I Wanna Be Black By Lou Reed?
    Scandalous. Hang your collective heads in shame.

  • Sophist

    “I Wanna Be” – B.B. King & Eric Clapton
    “I Wanna Be A Sex Symbol On My Own Terms” – Botch
    “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” – Sleater-Kinney
    “I Wanna Thank You” – Sloan
    “I Want Need Love You” – The Dirtbombs
    “I Want Something More” – Bad Religion
    “I Want The Blindingly Cute To Confide In Me” – The Owls
    “I Want The Quiet Moments Of A Party Girl” – The Owls
    “I Want To Be Loved” – Muddy Waters
    “I Wanta Know” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins