Down at the stadium they're praying for the end of the age …

"One Crowded Hour," Augie March
"I Held Her in my Arms," Violent Femmes
"Weightlifting," Trashcan Sinatras
"Wicked Little Town," Hedwig & the Angry Inch
"Care of Cell 44," Zombies
"Hey Balloon," Mightyhead
"Poughkeepsie," Over the Rhine
"Calendar Girl," Stars
"Autographs for the Sick," Daniel Amos
"Stevie Nix," The Hold Steady

  • MikeJ

    Isn’t there an uncensored version of this video up on youtube?

  • Jeff

    I love the Violent Femmes.
    Their gospel song, Jesus Walking On The Water is great fun. Can we link to it from Conservapedia?

  • Jeff

    Also, for your Friday Drive Time pleasure:
    The Dropkick Murphys — Tessie and
    Flogging Molly — Drunken Lullabies
    Irish Punk at its finest… Enjoy!

  • MikeJ

    Oooo, have to watch Tessie over and over. Got tix for the Sox Tuesday. Whoo hoo!

  • slartibartfast

    As an Australian, I’d like to take credit for Augie March’s talent.
    I’d like to, but I can’t. Still, it’s a great song.

  • VirusHead

    Love your taste in music. I am filling in some gaps. I figure that if I already have 80% of the music mentioned here, I’ll probably like the rest… thanks!

  • Pseudowolf

    The “Thou Shalt Always Kill” video (dunno the artist(s) name(s), sorry!) is interesting. But I wonder if the contradictions in it are intended or accidental?