Say Goodbye to The Seahorse

Don’t you wanna see what you’re missing?

“Say Goodbye,” Tonio K.
Say It Ain’t So,” Weezer
Say So,” Uh Huh Her
Say Something,” James
Say What You Want,” Texas
Scarborough Fair/Canticle,” Simon and Garfunkel
“Scares Me More,” Jeffrey Gaines
“Schroeder T. Fell,” Twitchen Vibes
Scream in Blue,” Midnight Oil
The Sea and the Rhythm,” Iron & Wine
The Seahorse,” Over the Rhine

So anyway, what kind of sick control freak would make his love conditional, based on whether or not his lover could make him a cambric shirt without seams or needlework? Maybe that works coming from a trickster elf-knight, but coming from Art Garfunkel it’s just kind of creepy.

"Cool. I'd just misread something and someone digs up science articles!"

Intra ecclesiam nulla salus
"Funny you should mention dirt curing cancer: it appears that in the case of childhood ..."

Intra ecclesiam nulla salus
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  • OneFatEnglishman

    what kind of sick control freak would make his love conditional, based on whether or not his lover could make him a cambric shirt without seams or needlework?
    I think that’s one of the 50 ways to leave your lover that Paul Simon later forgot about.

  • Rosina

    Scarborough Fayre – Mediaeval Baebes
    Sea Cruise – Frankie Ford
    Sea of Love – Marty Wilde

  • cjmr

    “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” — Billy Joel
    “Say Hello” — Heart
    “Say You Love Me” — Fleetwood Mac
    “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” — Billy Joel
    Slightly pre-range “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us”

  • Say Goodbye to Hollywood – Billy Joel
    Say Hello – Heart
    Say You Love Me – Fleetwood Mac
    Scarborough Fair/Canticle – Simon & Garfunkle
    Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
    Seacruise – Herman’s Hermits
    I once wrote a paper for a Religious Studies class titled “Particles, Sages, Rosaries, and Time” — guess the religion!

  • cminus

    A lot today, and a lot of good ones. Even leaving out what Fred’s already got:
    “Say Goodbye,” Cheap Trick
    “Say Goodbye To Yesterday,” Pat McCurdy
    “Say It Isn’t So,” The Outfield
    “Say My Name,” Wes Cunningham
    “Say Yeah,” Pat McCurdy
    “Scapegoat,” Chumbawamba
    “Scared Of That Girl,” Pat McCurdy
    “Scars,” Witness UK
    “Scary,” Bjork
    “Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps),” David Bowie
    “Scene At The Open-Air Market,” Thievery Corporation
    “Scheming,” The Boogie Knights
    “Sci-Fi Wasabi,” Cibo Matto
    “Scooter Boys,” Indigo Girls
    “Scopes,” Bauhaus
    “Scorpio End Credits,” The Simpsons feat. Shirley Bassey
    “Scottish Rite Temple Stomp,” Ninian Hawick
    “Scratch,” Skeleton Key
    “Screaming Night Hog,” Steppenwolf
    “Screams,” Blue Oyster Cult
    “Screw,” The Cure
    “Screw You,” Pat McCurdy
    “Sea And Sand,” The Who
    “Sea Of Heartbreak,” Johnny Cash
    “Sea Of Holes,” The Beatles
    “Sea Of Monsters,” The Beatles
    “Sea Of Time,” The Beatles
    “The Sea Refuses No River,” Pete Townshend
    The most recommended for the day is a bit of a dark horse — the rollicking (and how often can you say “rollicking” and mean it positively and sincerely?) “Scottish Rite Temple Stomp,” currently holding at #11 on my most-played list out of almost 7500 tracks. Also highly recommended: “Say It Isn’t So” (I got the Outfield’s greatest hits album from the “free to a good home” bin at the used CD store just for “Your Love,” the only Outfield song anyone remembers, but upon listening it was full of “hey, I remember hearing that song on the radio back as a kid — it was good!” moments), “Scapegoat” (A better song than Chumbawamba’s reputation would indicate, which is actually true of a lot of their oeuvre), “Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps),” “Sci-Fi Wasabi,” “Scooter Boys,” “Scorpio End Credits” (one of the funniest bits of Simpsons music and possibly the best as music — and how can you not love Hank Scorpio?), and “Screw You” and “Sea Of Heartbreak” (two completely different approaches to the “bad breakup” genre of songwriting, both completely valid).

  • cjmr

    I once wrote a paper for a Religious Studies class titled “Particles, Sages, Rosaries, and Time” — guess the religion!
    I vaguely remember proof-reading that paper…

  • wanderingoutlaw

    Not much this week:
    The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns – Phil Ochs
    The Scotsman – Bryan Bowers

  • Scarlet Begonias Grateful Dead/Janis Joplin
    Say Goodbye Eva Cassidy
    Secret Garden Bruce Springsteen
    Scenes from an Italian Restaurant Billy Joel
    Well, she once was a true love of his and he’s not telling her personally, so I’m guessing she dumped him and he’s being stalkerish about it (imagine having a random stranger appear at your doorstep to pass along the conditions your ex is setting down for taking you back)

  • Ray

    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – David Gray
    Say It Again – Badly Drawn Boy
    Say It To Me Now – Christina Kulukundis
    Say Yes – Elliott Smith
    Say Yes! To M!ch!gan! – Sufjan Stevens!!!!!
    Scatterbrain (As Dead As Leaves) – Radiohead
    Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest
    School Spirit – Kanye West
    Science Friction – Orbital
    Science Vs. Romance – Rilo Kiley
    Scissors – Tychonaut
    Scooby Driver – Belle & Sebastian

  • cjmr

    I hope I’m not the only person who realizes why the Sufjan Stevens is humorous…

  • cjmr

    Okay, clearly too muddle-headed to post properly–that should say Sufjan Steven title.
    *wanders off to find either more caffeine, or a nap*

  • Say Yah to da U.P., Eh?

  • My more unusual tracks are always right outside Fred’s demarcations for the week. :(
    For example…
    “Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No)” – Devo
    “Sensurround (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mix)” – They Might Be Giants
    Et cetera.

  • coffeedryad

    Nothing at all for me this week – skips right from “Sascha – ein aufrechter Deutscher” by Die Toten Hosen, to Diamanda Galas singing “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean”.
    And given that she wants him to plow her an acre of land between the salt water and the sea strand, I’d say they’re pretty well suited for each other. Don’t think Simon and Garfunkel sang the verses with all of her conditions in, though.

  • J

    So anyway, what kind of sick control freak would make his love conditional, based on whether or not his lover could…
    Trick question. And not even a very original one.
    Or maybe I’m just anti-Christian and paranoid.

  • I’ve got:
    “Say”, Cat Power
    “Scenery”, Bootsy Collins (Call him Casper. Not the friendly ghost, but the holy ghost.)
    “Science vs. Romance”, Rilo Kiley (Personally, I think science is romantic, so I don’t see any conflict, but it’s a great song anyway.)
    “Sea and Sand”, The Who (Quadrophenia being my favourite Who album by far.)
    “The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship”, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (I’ve got a soft spot for the Russian Romanticists.)
    “Sea Breeze”, Metal Gear Solid 3 Soundtrack

  • Chris Koeberle

    126 songs, after removing duplicates (about which “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” and not much else I missed) down to 116.
    I really love Pete Miser’s 30 meg quicktime video for Scent of a Robot. Other fun things:
    “Say Hey There,” Atmosphere
    “Say them,” DDA
    “Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight,” REO Speedwagon (is that a better message than Art Garfunkel’s?)
    “Scar Tissue,” Red Hot Chili Peppers
    “Scarborough Faire,” Queensrÿche (which, sadly, I prefer to Art Garfunkel)
    “Scarlet and Sheba,” Alice Cooper
    “The Scarlet Thing in You,” Peter Murphy
    “Scary Sad,” All
    “Scatman (Ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop),” Scatman John
    “Scattered,” Green Day
    “The Scavenger,” Dick Dale and his Del-Tones
    “Scenes (On the Road to Shrub 2),” Michael Hedges
    “Scent of a Robot,” Pete Miser
    “Scherzo for piano No. 2 in B flat minor/D flat major, Op. 31, B. 111,” Frederic Chopin
    “School’s Out,” Alice Cooper
    “Science Fiction,” Everclear
    “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” RHPS
    “Scooby Snacks,” Fun Lovin’ Criminals
    “Scrapyard,” Skinny Puppy
    “Screaming at a Wall,” Minor Threat
    “Sea Green, Sea Blue,” Jaymay

  • Kristy

    Hmm, I picked a disappointing one to start playing this game. All I got is:
    “Scarlet Begonias,” Sublime
    Still. Damn good song, so I guess I’m glad I was reminded that I have it…

  • “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”, by Billy Joel
    “Say You Don’t Mind”, by Colin Blunstone
    “Scatter the Fire”, by Ladysmith Black Mombazo
    “The Scavenger”, by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones
    “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”, by Billy Joel
    “Scherzando in C”, by Brendan Barnwell
    “Scherzo” from Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Nights’ Dream”
    “Scherzo (furiant)” from Dvo?ák’s “Piano Quintet #2”
    “Schmaltz Herring”, by Shpongle
    “Schnitzl’d in the Negev”, by Shpongle
    “Schoolgirl”, by Dennis Wilson
    “Scoring”, by bôa
    “Scorpion Frog”, by Infected Mushroom
    “Scuba” by P-Model
    “Se a Cabo”, by Santana
    “Sea and Sand”, by the Who

  • Huh. Snow day, which means I’m on my main compy and have access to all the tracks that never seem to make it to my Creative Zen Vision:M. Sweet…
    “Say Goodbye,” Dave Matthews Band & Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds acoustic
    “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” Temple of the Dog
    “Say No,” Pearl Jam
    “Say You’re Sorry,” The Lovehammers
    “Scar,” Fuel
    “Scar on the Sky,” Chris Cornell
    “Scar Tissue,” Red Hot Chili Peppers
    “Scarecrow,” Beck
    “Scarlet,” U2
    “Scattered,” Green Day
    “Scenes from a Vinyl Recliner,” Toad the Wet Sprocket
    “Schizophrenia,” Blue October
    “School of Beauty,” The Saw Doctors
    “Scott-Rock,” Local H
    “Scream,” Collective Soul
    “Screenwriter’s Blues,” Soul Coughing
    “Scrutiny,” Bad Religion
    “Sea of Holes,” The Beatles
    “Sea of Monsters,” The Beatles
    “Sea of Time,” The Beatles
    “Sealab 2021 Theme” (outside the range, but just for giggles…)
    And that’s heavily edited down to mostly what I would put on to the Zen…

  • Two that line up with Fred’s:
    Say Something – James (excellent record, amazed when I actually heard one of their songs played in a club in the US!)
    Scarborough Fair – Simon and Garfunkle
    Others (not all mine, some my husband’s):
    Say Goodbye to Hollywood – Billy Joel
    Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
    Scentless Apprentice – Nirvana
    Sea and Sand – The Who
    Searching with my Good Eye Closed – Soundgarden

  • Scarborough Fair/Canticle, S&G
    Seabreeze, Keola and Kapono Beamer
    Searchin’, The Hollies

  • Chan

    The Saga Begins, Yankovic
    Samain, Steeleye Span
    Santa’s Beard, They Might Be Giants
    Santiago, Loreena McKennitt
    Sapphire Bullets of True Love, They Might be Giants
    Sara, Dylan
    Saucy Sailor/Black Freighter, Steeleye Span
    Scarlet’s Walk, Tori Amos
    Scott Bower, They Might Be Giants
    Seagull, Steeleye Span
    Steeleye Span, 3
    They Might Be Giants, 3
    “Weird Al” Yankovic, 1
    Loreena McKennitt, 1
    Bob Dylan, 1
    Tori Amos, 1
    Methinks I need to diversify my portfolio, here….

  • Anonymous

    Those aren’t just conditions; they sound like they’re meant to be *impossible* conditions (find an acre of land between the ocean and the beach?), and they’re from “Traditional”, not Simon or Garfunkel.

  • vanya

    I’ve got a huge list here as well. I’ll just throw out a few important songs no one’s yet mentioned.
    “Say Goodbye” – Throwing Muses
    “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” – James Brown
    “Say You Miss Me”- Wilco
    “Says You” – Wes Montgomery
    “Scarecrow People” – XTC
    “Schizophrenia” – Sonic Youth
    “Schizophrenia” – Wayne Shorter
    “Schmetterling’s Gang” – Blumfeld
    “Schnee” – Blumfeld
    “School Days” – Stanley Clarke
    “Schtrossn” – Attwenger (the most rocking punk accordion you’ve ever heard).
    “Science Friction” – XTC
    “Scrapple in the Apple” – Charlie Parker
    “Scratch Your Name ” – Noisettes (you may know this song from The Sopranos – it was in the final episode, the scene when AJ picks up the girlfriend at the high school in his new flash car.)
    XTC people, XTC. Give’em a chance. They’re certainly more interesting than Sufjan Stevens.

  • twig

    They’re certainly more interesting than Sufjan Stevens.
    *insert generic Sufijan Stevens defense here*

  • Theo

    “Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep” – the Furys
    “Scattergun” – the Ramones
    “School’s Out” – Alice Cooper
    “School Day” – Chuck Berry
    “School Days” – the Runaways
    “Screamager” – Therapy?
    “Screamin’ and Cryin’ Blues” – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee

  • Kodiak

    what kind of sick control freak would make his love conditional, based on whether or not his lover could make him a cambric shirt without seams or needlework?
    Well, I had always heard versions where the verses are sung alternately, so I didn’t get it as a stalkerish song… just a very bitter one. “I left you I’m happy, and the only way you can get me back is to do *this* impossible task”. It reminded me of highschool actually, where both people act as the injured party and obsess over the other…
    In defence of the versions that alternate parts, it’s an old song and the gender stereotypes are:
    cambric shirt – women’s work
    washing said shirt in a dry well – women’s work
    acre of land (between the salt water and the sea sand) – men own land
    planting and reaping Heather with a sickle of leather – men’s work
    So ya, they’re both being jerks in my mind… but that’s just a music lover’s take on a song I’ve heard all my life… ymmv

  • Those may have been her conditions in the traditional song, but in the S&G version they’re all his.

  • OK, I had to go to the “A” entry of the music game to look up the rules so I could play too. (Yes, I’m apparently too dense to realize the only connection between the songs was the first letter.)
    “Salva Nos,” Yuki Kajiura
    “She Sings in Riddles,” Third Day
    “Shelter from the Storm,” Bob Dylan
    “Shadow Stabbing,” Cake
    “Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better,” Steve Taylor
    “Sleepwalker,” Wallflowers
    “Smug,” Steve Taylor
    “Some Fantastic,” Barenaked Ladies
    “Something Beautiful,” Jars of Clay
    “Soy Bomb,” Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives
    “Spirit on the Water,” Bob Dylan
    “Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank,” Barenaked Ladies

  • “Say It Isn’t So” – Hall & Oates
    “Say It Right” – Nelly Furtado
    “Say That Again” – Crowded House
    “Scaling” – µ-Ziq
    “Scaling New Heights” – Asian Dub Foundation
    “Scattered Black And Whites” – Elbow
    “School” – The Sycamores
    “The Science Fiction” – Hefner
    “Scott Pilgrim” – Plumtree
    “Scrub The Mist” – Bluebottle Kiss

  • Indiana Joe

    “Say, Mighty Love,” The Revels
    “SCA Driving Song,” Efenwealt Wystle
    “Scandinavian Skies”, Billy Joel
    “Scarborough Fair”, Mary Anderson & Joanne Meis
    “Scarlet Begonias,” Jimmy Buffett
    “Scarlet Inside,” Clannad
    “Scars,” Rush
    “Schajah Saretosh,” Andreas Vollenweider
    “Scharazula & Allemande,” Wolgemut
    “Scherzo #1 In B Minor, Op. 20,” Krzysztof Joblonski (Chopin, Frédéric)
    “Scherzo #2 In B Flat Minor, Op. 31,” Yuval Fichman (Chopin, Frédéric) “Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra,” John Williams
    “Schottish,” Wolgemut
    “Scorn Not His Simplicity,” Phil Coulter
    “Scotland’s Depraved And Normans Play Dress Up”, Lady Catherine du Fay
    “Scott Joplin’s New Rag,” Joshua Rifkin (Scott Joplin)
    “A Scott Tune,” Allan Alexander & Michael Carlito
    “Scottish Brawl,” Michael Gartner
    “Scrapple From The Apple,” Charlie Parker (2 versions)
    “Sea For The Shore,” Ken Theriot
    “Sea Of Heartbreak,” Jimmy Buffett
    “Sea Of Peace,” Kurth & Taylor
    Duplicates removed, as always.

  • borealys

    Say it Ain’t So – Weezer
    Say So – Uh Huh Her
    Scar that Never Heals – Jeremy Fisher
    Scared – The Tragically Hip (studio and live versions)
    Scarlet – Closterkeller
    Scatterbrain – Treble Charger
    Scattered – Green Day
    Scattered Leaves – The Be Good Tanyas
    School’s Out – Alice Cooper
    Scolding Wife – Great Big Sea
    The Score – Sarah Slean
    Sea of No Cares – Great Big Sea
    Seagulls – Great Big Sea
    Hm. Favourite track on the list this week? Nothing here I’d consider spectacular, but I’d recommend “Scolding Wife,” which, if the genders of the characters were reversed, would be a horrific song about alcoholism and domestic violence, but instead is a joyous foot-stomper of a tune. Interpret that any way you like.

  • Long-time lurker/appreciater, very occasional commenter, and first-time participant in the weekly playlist. So for the “say goodbye” to “seahorse” parameters, I’ve got:
    * Scarborough Fair (Simon & Garfunkel)
    * Scarborough Fair (Marianne Faithfull, from the “Paul Simon Songbook” tribute disc, which also featured “Sounds of Silence” by Peaches & Herb!)
    * Scary Clowns (Tom Smith)
    * Schooldays (Kate and Anna McGarrigle)
    * Sci-Fi Hack Writer (Blind Lemming Chiffon, a parody of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer”)
    * Scum (W. Randy Hoffman)
    Only six (two of ’em the same song), and a fairly filk-heavy batch (Smith, Lemming and Hoffman … I know there’s *some* filk love in the house, because I remember someone mentioning Kristoph Klover awhile back).

  • David no longer in Maine

    “Say Hello To Heaven” – Temple Of The Dog
    “Scar On The Sky” – Chris Cornell
    “Scentless Apprentice” – Nirvana
    “Schism” – Tool
    And just outside the range
    “Searching With My Good Eye Closed” – Soundgarden
    “Seasick Of You” – Eleven
    “Seasons” – Chris Cornell