The holy dream becomes a holy face
And it leaves me reeling …

“What’s Come Over Me,” Daniel Amos
What’s Going On,” Marvin Gaye
“What’s Gonna Happen to Us?” Daryl Hall
“What’s Happened to You,” The Call
What’s He Building in There?Tom Waits

What’s My Name?The Clash
What’s My Scene?Hoodoo Gurus
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?Elvis Costello
What’s the Matter Here?10,000 Maniacs
“What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Bourgeois Tagg
“What’s Your Name?” Adam Again

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Sunday favorites
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  • “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?” Lucy Kaplansky
    “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” Oasis
    “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye
    “What’s up?” 4 Non Blondes
    I have a sad lack of ‘what’s’ music! I do have a ton of ‘what’ music though. I could go on for pages if we dropped that pesky ‘s’.

  • Ray

    Just the Elvis Costello and
    What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? – REM
    for me

  • wanderingoutlaw

    besides the Elvis Costello (& the Attractions) and The Clash,
    What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner
    What’s Your Game – Ramones
    Whatsername – Green Day (not sure if this in range since there’s no apostrophe)

  • eavesdropper

    “What’s the World Got in Store” – Wilco

  • I came on to post that Lou Reed song. It’s a good one.
    I have two What Goes Ons – the Beatles and the VU…
    The only Phish song is What’s the Use.

  • No “what’s” for me, but two “what”s and a “whatever”. I shall refrain from mentioning them for fear of starting a cascade. We could be here all day!
    My husband and I went with some friends to a Tom Waits concert in Denver in 2000 or 2001. We weren’t familiar with the musician, and after the concert we hadn’t become fans. But Waits did succeed in firmly planting the catch phrase “What’s he building in there?” in our household. We said it to each other a lot when our next-door neighbor began making strange banging and sawing noises.
    (As it turned out, our next-door neighbor was installing a dryer-on-toppa-washer set in the closet in there.)

  • cminus

    “What’s Going On?”, U2
    “What’s Gonna Happen?”, Pat McCurdy
    “What’s Left Of The Flag”, Flogging Molly
    “What’s My Age Again?”, Blink 182
    “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)”, The Information Society
    “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding?”, Curtis Stigers
    “What’s That Blue Thing Doing There?”, They Might Be Giants
    “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”, REM
    “What’s Your Favorite Color?”, Living Colour
    Most recommended: “What’s Left Of The Flag,” edging out “What’s Gonna Happen?” and “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” The rest isn’t bad either, but the Curtis Stigers cover of Elvis Costello is nothing special and the They Might Be Giants entry is just an incidental track and not a real song.

  • borealys

    What’s a Little Wait – Calexico
    What’s New – St. Germain
    What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? – REM

  • vanya

    Too mny here to list. I’ll segment.
    Very cool that so many people have Flogging Molly. I thought they were fairly obscure. I’m surprised no-one else has the following:
    “What’d I say” Ray Charles
    “What a day that was” Talking Heads
    “What Difference does it make” The Smiths
    “What Is and What should never be” Led Zeppelin
    “What Is Life” George Harrison
    “What You Feel” Buffy The Vampire Cast (well, surprised Fred doesn’t have this.
    From the more obscure cuts I recommend:
    “What A Wonderful Man” My Morning Jacket
    “What Is the Light” The Flaming Lips
    “What You Do To Me” Teenage Fanclub, gorgeous power pop
    “What You Want” My Bloody Valentine, gorgeous noise

  • wb

    Only a couple of unique titles from the “Too Old To Listen To Music” collection:
    “What’s Done Is Done” – The Allman Brothers Band
    “What’s Goin’ On” – Joe Cocker
    “What’s Your Name?” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Sophist, FCD

    These are the ones I have that no one has yet posted:
    “What’s Gonna Happen on the 8th Day?” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    “What’s in Store” Architecture in Helsinki
    “What’s Mine is Yours” – Sleater-Kinney
    “What’s the Word” – We Are Scientists

  • cminus

    I’m surprised no-one else has the following:

    Actually, I have a bunch of those, but limited my post to song titles beginning with “What’s.” Which made for a much easier job of sorting, let me tell you.

  • “What if?” Coldplay
    “What is love?” Björn Gustafsson
    “What’s up with the lack of LB Friday this week?” Cynic Sage

  • Courtney

    “What Katie Did” – The Libertines
    “What Became of the Likely Lads” – The Libertines
    “What Katy Did Next” – Babyshambles

  • Spalanzani

    Ironically, Fred has been raptured and can no longer do Left Behind Fridays anymore.
    (OK, so I read the earlier post where he said he’d be out of town and whatnot.)

  • Dahne

    No one has mentioned What’s Up People?

  • (OK, so I read the earlier post where he said he’d be out of town and whatnot.)
    Amazingly enough, so did I. It just completely failed to register that it meant no LB.

  • To go back to the music theme:
    “What’s My Name” by DJ Earworm. Because mashups are tasty (with melted butter).

  • Listen up, brothers and sisters
    Come hear my desperate tale
    I speak of our friends of nature
    Trapped in the dirt like a jail
    Vegetables live in oppression
    Served on our tables each night
    This killing of veggies is madness
    I say we take up the fight
    Salads are only for murderers
    Cole slaw’s a fascist regime
    Don’t think that they don’t have feelings
    Just ’cause a radish can’t scream
    I’ve heard the screams of the vegetables, scream scream scream
    Watching their skins being peeled, having their insides revealed
    Grated and steamed with no mercy, burning off calories
    How do you think that feels, bet it hurts really bad
    Carrot juice constitutes murder, and that’s a real crime
    Greenhouses prisons for slaves, let my vegetables grow
    It’s time to stop all this gardening, it’s dirty as hell
    Let’s call a spade a spade, it’s a spade it’s a spade it’s a spade
    I saw a man eating celery
    So I beat him black and blue
    If he ever touches a sprout again
    I’ll bite him clean in two
    I’m a political prisoner
    Trapped in a windowless cage
    ‘Cause I stopped the slaughter of turnips
    By killing five men in a rage
    I told the judge when he sentenced me
    “This is my finest hour
    I’ll kill those farmers again
    Just to save one more cauliflower”
    How low as people do we dare to stoop
    Making young broccolis bleed in the soup
    Untie your beans, uncage your tomatoes
    Set potted plants free, don’t mash that potato, ah
    I’ve heard the screams of the vegetables scream scream scream
    Watching their skins being peeled fates in the stir fry are sealed
    Grated and steamed with no mercy you fat gourmet scum
    How do you think that feels leave them out in the fields
    Carrot juice constitutes murder V8’s genocide
    Greenhouses prisons for slaves yes your compost’s a grave
    It’s time to stop all this gardening take up macramé
    Let’s call a spade a spade it’s a spade it’s a spade it’s a spade
    “Carrot Juice is Murder” -The Arrogant Worms.

  • What’s Become of the Baby — Greatful Dead
    What’s Going On — Marvin Gaye
    What’s My Name — The Clash
    What’s My Name (RmX) Panjabi MC ft. Snoop Dogg
    (What’s So Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding — Elvis
    What’s the Matter Here? — 10,000 Maniacs
    What’s the Time (Hey Buddy) — Bow Wow Wow
    What’s the Use of Getting Sober (When you’re Going to Get Drunk Again)? — Joe Jackson
    and this, which is sort of a “what’s”:
    Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs) — Dean Gray

  • Crikey. “Grateful”, of course.

  • Caravelle

    Didn’t he say he’d be gone this week ?
    Or maybe one of the Bachelor Chow recipes went terribly, terribly wrong…