Cash to Cathedrals

Someone is watching all of the outsiders

"Cash Cow (A Rock Opera in Three Small Acts)," Steve Taylor
"Cashflow," Leisure Process
"Casino Boogie," The Rolling Stones
"Castaway," Mark Heard
"Casualty," Vigilantes of Love
"Cat People (Putting Out Fire)," David Bowie
"Catapult," R.E.M.
"Catch a Falling Star," Perry Como
"Catch My Disease," Ben Lee
"Catch That Angel," The Swirling Eddies
"Catchcloth," Twitchen Vibes
"Cathedrals," Jump Little Children

"Bets on how they just LURV America's FREEEEDURMS!!!!"

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  • Ed

    You have very good taste in music!

  • Socks of Sullenness

    La Cathédrale – Jacques Brel

  • I’ve seen Vigilantes of Love show up in a few of these posts, but I’ve only heard one of their songs. Can anyone recommend one of their albums to start out with?
    Sadly, I have no interesting songs to post this round.

  • “Cath” – Death Cab for Cutie

  • “Casino Twist”, by Hungária
    “Castles Made of Sand”, by Jimi Hendrix
    “Cat Blues”, by the Seatbelts
    “Catapult”, by Phish
    “Catch a Wave”, by the Beach Boys

  • cminus

    Eliminating anything Fred already has, which in this case is only David Bowie’s “Cat People”:
    “Cash On Delivery”, Spinal Tap
    “Cashula”, Black 47
    “Casino”, Spring Heel Jack
    “Cassidy”, Grateful Dead
    “Cassidy”, Suzanne Vega
    “The Cast Of Casey And Andy”, Moosebutter
    “Castle Transylvania”, The Boogie Knights
    “Casual Conversations”, Supertramp
    “Cat House”, Takako Minekawa
    “Cat’s In The Cradle”, Harry Chapin
    “Catapult Rock”, The Boogie Knights
    “Catch Me Now I’m Falling”, The Kinks
    “Catching On Fire”, They Might Be Giants
    “Catching The Butterfly”, The Verve
    “The Caterpillar”, The Cure
    Most recommended: Suzanne Vega’s cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Cassidy”, which is arguably better than the original and a lot more accessible (by which I mean shorter). Like the best covers, it remains true to the source material while finding something new in it; Vega’s “Cassidy” is cryptically confessional where the original is more folksy, and gives the song a whole new feel. Runner-up goes to the Kinks’ “Catch Me Now I’m Falling”; it suffers a bit from the gratuitous disco infusion that was common when the song was released, but the political message was very apropos at the time and like many political songs of that era it made a bit of a comeback in spirit a few years ago.
    And, yes, both Boogie Knights’ songs are filks, of “Hotel California” and “Crocodile Rock” respectively. Both well-done, although the best lighter-side song on the list is definitely “Cash On Delivery”. (I also like “The Cast Of Casey And Andy”, but you’d really need to be a big fan of the comic.)

  • Sylocat

    “Couch Potato” – Weird Al Yankovic

  • Ryan

    “Cassiopeia,” Joanna Newsom
    “Cat’s Blues,” Will Oldham (Palace Music)
    “Cataracts,” Andrew Bird
    “Catch,” Art Brut
    “The Category Stomp,” John Hartford

  • Amaryllis

    Cash – Patti Smith
    Castlebar Traveler – Tom Morrison
    Catch Hell Blues – The White Stripes
    Catherine Oggie – Pan’s Fancy

  • Sylocat

    “Colby’s Song” – Mike Lombardo

  • Casualties of War – Susan Aglukark
    Catch Me While I’m Sleeping – Pink
    Catch My Fall – Billy Idol

  • Jeff

    The link to Cash Cow is broke. Here’s one that works:

  • Rob

    “The Cask of Amontillado” – Alan Parsons Project
    “Castellorizon” – David Gilmour

  • Chris

    “Cash on the Barrehead,” The Louvin Brothers
    “Casino Boogie,” The Rolling Stones
    “Cassidy,” Bob Weir
    “Castles Made of Sand,” Jimi Hendrix
    “Catfish Boogie,” Tennessee Ernie Ford
    “Catfish John,” Jerry Garcia

  • e. nonee moose

    “Cash to Cathedrals”
    I thought this was some kind of government bailout program for the Catholic church… :P

  • Michael Cule

    The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle by Jake Thackeray
    (Which with its tale of suburban wives engaging in sexual congress with Beelzebub and all his minions is strangely apt to the current main discussion…)

  • Cashing In – Minor Threat
    The Cask – Lou Reed
    Cassius Love vs. Sonny Wilson – The Beach Boys
    Cast A Shadow – Beat Happening
    Cast Of Thousands – The Adverts
    The Castle – Love
    Cat Box – X-tal
    Catapult – REM
    Catch A Wave – The Beach Boys
    Catch Us If You Can – The Dave Clark Five
    Caterpillar – Big Brother & The Holding Company
    Cath Carroll – Unrest
    I thought this was some kind of government bailout program for the Catholic church… :P
    No, that’s “Cash FOR Cathedrals”. Bring your broken down old cathedral in and we’ll give you credit on a new, modern fundamentalist mega-church! It’s all part of the LaHaye-Jenkins Act passed by Congress this year.

  • JM

    Casimir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens
    Casino Queen – Wilco
    Cat Claw – The Kills
    Cat Fight – The Gossip
    Cat Walk – Beat Happening
    Catchfire – The Jesus and Mary Chain

  • Jon P

    Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin
    Catching On – Son Volt
    JM: Casino Queen – Wilco… I should probably get that.

  • Vermic

    “Cash, Culture and Violence,” Rancid
    Cashier Girl,” Ben Vaughn
    “Cast No Shadow,” Oasis
    Castaway,” Green Day
    Cat with 2 Heads,” Aquabats
    “Catch My Disease,” Ben Lee

  • “Casino Nation,”Jackson Browne
    “Cast Your Fate To The Winds,” We Five
    “Castles Made Of Sand,” Jimi Hendrix

  • Cowboy Diva

    “An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart,” U2, Boy [UK]
    “Cat in Heat,” Ellen DeGeneres, Taste This
    “Cat Scratchin’,” Louis Jordan, Mercury R+B ’46-’62 (Disc 2)
    “Cat Turned Blue,” Rusted Root, When I Woke
    “Catch a Star,” Men at Work, Business As Usual
    “Catch the Wind,” Donovan, The Very Best of the Early Years
    “Cath Cheim An Fhia,” James Galway & The Chieftains, Over The Sea To Skye

  • borealys

    Catalyst – Anna Nalick
    Catch My Disease – Ben Lee
    Catch the Wind – Dala
    Catcher Song – Great Lake Swimmers
    Slightly out of range, but utterly awesome:
    Catherine Deneuve and the Deus Ex Machina – Kelly and the Kellygirls

  • straight

    Dylan, I think Blister Soul is the best VoL album. Killing Floor is another one that a lot of the fans single out.

  • Lynn

    Casino – Run Lola Run
    Cassandra’s Waltz – Doctor Who
    Castle in the Mist – Michiru Oshima
    Castle of Time – Joe Hisaishi
    Catastrofe – Gabriel Rios

  • Jeff

    I gotta mention Beth Hart and Storm Large.
    I can bracket the range with By her and A Change Is Gonna Come.
    Storm has a lot of great songs, but one of her latest is AWESOME! 8 Miles Wide Video is SFW, the lyrics are most definitely NOT!!! But my favorite of hers is Ladylike. (The original replaces “What the what” with WTF. Works better in my opinion.)

  • “Cash Machine,” by Hard-Fi
    “Casino,” Run Lola, Run Soundtrack
    “(The) Castle,” Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack
    “Cat Scratch Fever,” Hayseed Dixie
    “Cat Scratch Fever,” Ted Nugent
    “Catholic Girls,” Frank Zappa

  • Natros

    Dylan, I would start with the Vigilantes album “Audible Sigh.” It’s got some great examples of Bill Mallonee’s songcraft, and it’s also one of the easiest to get into immediately. I honestly love every album they’ve ever done, but a lot of VoL albums need some time to grow on you. Killing Floor and Blister Soul are also good ones to start with, and contain some of his “classic” songs.
    It was fun to see Steve Taylor on that list, too. My uncle used to play bass in his touring band, so I grew up thinking he was a great rock star. Thankfully, my appreciation didn’t have to fade much as my tastes grew; his lyrics are still often spot-on, even 20(!) years later…

  • Not Really Here

    “Cathedral Spires”- Judas Priest

  • “Casiopea” – Silvio Rodriguez
    “Casiotone Nation” – Soul Coughing
    “Cassiel’s Song” – Nick Cave
    “Catacombs” – Poi Dog Pondering
    “Cathain” – Liam Ó Maonlai
    “Cathedrals” – Joan Osborne
    The Nick Cave song is from the “Faraway, So Close!” soundtrack, which supports my opinion that even if you don’t particularly care for Wim Wenders as a filmmaker, you’ll want him to keep making movies if only for the sake of the incredible soundtracks that go with them.

  • Amaryllis

    @NRH: or Carthedral Spires?
    – Typepad is being stubborn about this link, for some reason.

  • David no longer in Maine

    “Cassie”, Flyleaf
    “Castaway”, Jerry Cantrell
    “Catamaran”, Kyuss
    “Caterpillar March”, Kyuss
    “Cassie” is a rather embarrassing telling of the Cassie Bernall myth. The other three songs are pretty good, though.

  • Theo

    Cat’s in the Well – Bob Dylan
    Catch Me Daddy – Janis Joplin
    Catfish – Bob Dylan
    Catholic Boy – the Dead Boys
    All good songs.

  • Steve S.

    Cast It At The Setting Sail – Danielson Famile
    Castellorizon – David Gilmour
    Casting a Spell – Robert Palmer
    Cash and Carry – The Simpsons
    Castaway – Bruce Carroll
    Cast Your Fate To The World – Vince Guaraldi
    Cat Video – Blue Man Group
    Cattle Call – Elvis Pressly
    Catchafire – Toby Mac

  • Steve S.

    Natros: Your uncle was in Some Band? Cool. Who was that?

  • @straight and Natros: Thanks for the suggestions. I’m downloading “Audible Sigh” off of Amazon right now, and will probably pick up the other two albums later. (Don’t think it’ll take much for it to grow on me–I’ve heard “Wondering Where the Lions Are” off of the Roaring Lambs compilation, and I really like the style.)

  • Natros

    @ Steve S: Yeah, Glen Holmen is my uncle, and he played bass in Some Band from the Limelight tour through “I Predict 1990.” He speaks fondly of the times they got picketed by Jimmy Swaggart’s followers, and of the time he spent touring Europe with Some Band. Glen still plays bass professionally, and I think he still keeps in touch with Steve Taylor, though Taylor’s not making much music these days.
    Man, I love this place–people actually know Some Band AND VOL!

  • Ed

    A little late here, but for what it’s worth I’m going to second Audible Sigh and Blister Soul. And the idea that all of their records are good. Emmylou sings on one song on AS.

  • Cashout – Fugazi (this seems like a very Slacktivist song to me, really)
    The Castle – Clinic
    Cataracts – Pavement
    The Catbird Seat – The Silent League
    Catch Me Up – Gomez
    Catch You – Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    The Caterpillar – The Cure

  • Hannah M

    A quick “HECK FREAKIN YES” to the Steve Taylor song. Good stuff.
    Cast Your Fate to the Wind – David Benoit
    The Castle In My Mind – Grail: The Rock Musical
    Casualty of Love – The Wedding Singer (the musical)