Father to Fearless

I nearly always give it my best shot

"Father & Son," Cat Stevens
"Father Explains," Daniel Amos
"Father Feed Me," The Clock Work Army
"Faust Arp," Radiohead
"Favorite T," The Lemonheads
"Favourite Hour," Elvis Costello
"Favours," The Delgados
"Fear," Jeffrey Gaines
"Fear," Sarah McLachlan
"Fear Only You," The Choir
"Fearless Heart," Steve Earle

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A modest proposal regarding prayer breakfasts
"Deep breaths; eat dessert first; rewatch your favorite movies. There's no real upside to this."

A modest proposal regarding prayer breakfasts
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A modest proposal regarding prayer breakfasts
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A modest proposal regarding prayer breakfasts

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  • tls

    Father Murderer ~ Final Fantasy X soundtrack
    Fear ~ .hack//SIGN soundtrack
    Fear ~ Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack
    Fear of the Dark ~ Iron Maiden

  • wanderingoutlaw

    A Father and A Son – Loudon Wainwright III
    Father & Daughter – Paul Simon
    Father of Night – Bob Dylan
    Fear Country – T-Bone Burnett

  • Father’s Name Was Dad – Fire
    Father Cannot Yell – Can
    Father To A Sister Of Thought – Pavement
    Fattie Boom Boom – Ranking Dread
    Fatty Fatty – The Heptones
    Fatty Fowl In Gravy Stew – The Tall Dwarfs
    Fauxhemians – Sonic Youth
    Favorite Dish – Lee Scratch Perry
    FDR In Trinidad – Van Dyke Parks
    Fear – The Experimental Bunnies
    Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend – John Cale
    Fearfully In Danger – Nico
    Fearless – Pink Floyd

  • “A fattyú reménytelen szerelme és halála”, by the Hobo Blues Band
    “Father Father 1 & 2”, by Super Furry Animals
    “Father to Son”, performed by the King’s Singers
    “Fayer”, performed by the Klezmer Conservatory Band
    “FDR in Trinidad”, by Van Dyke Parks
    “Fe”, by the Seatbelts

  • Emcee

    “Father’s Day” – Children of Eden original cast album
    “Father’s Footsteps” – Mary Poppins original soundtrack
    “Fatherhood Blues” – original Broadway cast album

  • James

    Father & Son – Cat Stevens
    Father in the Forest – Matisyahu
    Father’s Son – 3 Doors Down
    Fatima – K’naan
    Fax’n’Info – JET
    Fe – Maná

  • JBK

    Bruce Barnes is like a father figure in left behind, it’s friday, and the death-watch must march onward!

  • Fat Man & Dancing Girl – Suzanne Vega (99.9F)
    Fear – Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream soundtrack)
    Fear: The Mind Killer – Eon (Void Dweller)`

  • Will

    Faulty – Del tha Funkee Homo Sapien
    Fear Fall – Lupe Fiasco

  • “Follow Me,” Kay Hanley

  • “Father Lucifer” – Tori Amos
    “Favorite” – Neko Case
    “Favorite Thing” – The Replacements
    “Faye Tucker” – Indigo Girls
    “Fear (Of The Unknown)” – Siouxsie & The Banshees
    “Fear Is a Mans Best Friend” – Billy Brag

  • All right, here’s my meager attempt to follow a meme:
    “Fear” – Sarah McLachlan, “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”
    “Fearless” – Cyndi Lauper, “The Body Acoustic”
    Though really, the list should have gone from “Fatuous” (roughly) to “Foolishness”. though I imagine the lists would be too unwieldy to read.

  • Only two, surprisingly to me.
    Father And Son — Cat Stevens
    Favorite Year — Dixie Chicks

  • Amaryllis

    Father, Father – Trinity Boys’ Choir
    Father Kelly – Possum Ridge String Band
    Father Kelly’s – Trian
    Favus distillans – Anonymous 4
    Fawkes the Phoenix – by John Williams, from the Harry Potter CoS soundtrack

  • I can’t believe no one ‘fessed up to George Michael’s “Father Figure.”

  • My partner likes George Michael much more than me, but I tend to borrow a lot of his music much more than the other way around, so I’m surprised I don’t have it.

  • dang, getting me to listen to Daniel Amos’ Kalhoun (and I’m currently listening to Mortal’s Fathom, which, oddly, Terry Taylor produced). not that anybody else cares, but…
    Fat Albert (Buck, Buck) – Bill Cosby
    Fat Man & Dancing Girl – Suzanne Vega
    Father Explains – Daniel Amos
    The Fatherless & the Widow – Sixpence None the Richer
    Faust Arp – Radiohead

  • David no longer in Maine

    “Far From The Tree”, Three Man
    “Fatal”, Pearl Jam

  • Father Cannot Yell – Can
    Father of Failure (Live) – Horse Feathers
    Favourite Films – The Television Personalities
    Fear – Requiem for a Dream OST (Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet)
    The Fear – µ-Ziq
    Fear & Love – King Khan & His Shrines
    The Fear Has Gone – Engineers
    Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend – John Cale
    Fear of Drowning – British Sea Power
    Fear of Sleep – The Strokes
    Fearful – The Specials
    Fearless – Pink Floyd
    Fearless – Taylor Swift

  • Jon P

    3 and they’re all new to the list somehow!
    Father of Mine – Everclear
    Faust, Midas, and Myself – Switchfoot (I’m a bad atheist sometimes)
    Faux Gucci Girl – Stroke 9

  • cminus

    Leaving out what Fred already has.
    “Father”, David Rice
    “Father Christmas”, The Kinks
    “Favorite”, Liz Phair
    “Favours In The Beetroot Fields”, British Sea Power
    “Fear”, Stormgarde
    “The Fear”, Travis
    “Fear Of Drowning”, British Sea Power
    I’m pretty sure I’ve recommended the Kinks’ “Father Christmas” before, but it bears re-recommending as one of the few Christmas oriented rock songs that combines actually rocking with a sense of economic justice. (OK Go does a pretty good cover too, but I prefer the original.) Of the rest, I’d like to recommend British Sea Power, but neither of those tracks are particularly strong, and Stormgarde’s “Fear” is an underrated gem — if you like Teutonic operatic metal, anyway.
    I’m happy to see Steve Earle on Fred’s list, though — I recommended Steve Earle in an earlier FNSR10 based upon his stunning absence from Fred’s playlists, and maybe he took me up on it.

  • Justin

    “A Favor House Atlantic” – Coheed and Cambria (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4-0UvCfYps)
    “Favorite Thing” – The Replacements
    “FB Song” – Sicko
    “Fear and Loathing on Cape Cod” – Piebald
    Funny thing about C&C, I can’t stand their music, but when they write a song I like, I REALLY like it. I chose this video because the actual music video is mind-numbingly stupid and inappropriate to the song. Also, I miss Piebald very much.

  • Mike Wyatt

    “Father (7 Years)” – Vanishing Point

  • Fanfara Tirana (Tirana)
    Fecioresc Recea (Ilie Vincu)
    Fekete gyász, feher üröm (Méta)
    Ferice Codre de Tine (Stanciu)
    Fetele (Romica Puceanu)
    Flóriska Csárdás (Sándor Déki Lakatos & His Gipsy Band)
    Fragossyriani (Songs from Greece)
    Frulaski Stakato (Folk Dance Ensemble Vila)

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